The forbidden relationship between the child and the biological mother was revealed, both were caught by the police

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The illicit relationship between the child and the mother was revealed after the police launched an investigation into the drug case. The two were caught having sex at their own residence in Muaraenim, South Sumatra.

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Both were arrested by the police during a raid in Lecah Village, Lubai Ulu sub-district, Thursday 2021.

This was revealed by the Muara Enim Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Donni Eka Saputra, Thursday.

“We raided Tuesday morning, at 03.35 WIB. At that time they had an illegal relationship,” Donni said in a written statement, Thursday.

The beginning of the illicit relationship was revealed when the police were investigating a drug trafficking case which was known to have been carried out by IAL’s child EKP. The child is suspected of being a drug dealer and ecstasy.

But how surprised the police were to find out when the raid took place, the two were having incestuous sex.

Both were taken to the police station for questioning. “Regarding drugs, we also found 3 packages of coir shabu weighing 8.22 grams and 1 ecstasy pill during the raid,” he said.

The child, based on the information obtained, has only been acting as a shabu-shabu dealer 7 months ago.

The reason for doing this illegitimate job is to fulfill his daily life because his father never comes home to fulfill his mother’s physical and spiritual needs.

Meanwhile, IA admitted that she was only spontaneous when she asked her child to have sex. It hasn’t happened yet, it’s about to be done, and the police have already raided it.

She was desperate to invite her child to have sex because it had been a year since her husband had gone to work in North Bengkulu.

During her husband’s absence, she worked odd jobs to support her two children.

Meanwhile, EP admitted that he complied when his mother asked him to have sex.

However, at the time of the incident, he was already half unconscious because he had just finished taking drugs.

Meanwhile, Muaraenim Police Chief AKBP Donni Eka Syaputra said the confessions of the two suspects about the illicit relationship were always changing.

But for sure, according to Donni, they admit they will have sex.

Because, when raided, the two were preparing to have sex.

Their actions were exposed when the police raided a drug case.

From the two of them, the police secured evidence in the form of three packages of methamphetamine weighing 8.22 grams and one ecstasy at his home.


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