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Sex addiction can refer to a variety of behaviors that are overdone and significantly affect a person’s life in a negative way. Reported PschGuides, types of sex addiction include addiction to pornography, masturbation, sadistic treatment during sexual intercourse, and excessive sexual desire.

A research published in the journal JAMA Open Network found more than eight percent of people in the United States may experience stress due to sex. They are said to be under stress because they have difficulty controlling their sexual urges, behavior, and feelings.

“Historically, it has always been thought that conscious (compulsive) sexual desire was more experienced by men. However, it turns out that women also show that they have difficulty controlling their sexual urges and behavior,” said University of Minnesota scientist Janna Dickenson.

Therapist Thomas G. Plante says he has seen many ordinary people have difficulty coping with sexual urges. According to him, one of the factors is the ease of access to pornography and other sexual content on the internet.

Symptoms of sex addiction

Several signs can be seen to indicate whether a person is addicted to sex. This can be seen from the emotional and physical side. Emotionally, a person who is addicted to sex is likely to easily engage with another person sexually regardless of the good or bad relationship with that person.

Most sex addicts are afraid to leave, they are likely to stay in an unhealthy relationship or jump from one relationship to another. When alone, they may feel empty and feel guilty and lonely. While physically, someone who is addicted to sex may be lazy to move and do activities because of sexual or emotional obsessions that land on him.

“There may be someone who masturbates excessively and interferes with their ability to work, or there may be someone who pays for sex, overdoes it and disturbs them financially,” Dickenson said.

Effects of sex addiction

According to the Department of Management of the USDA, approximately 38% of men and 45% of women with sex addiction have a venereal disease as a result of their behavior. In general pregnancy is also a side effect of sex addiction. In one survey, nearly 70% of women with sex addiction reported that they had experienced at least one unwanted pregnancy as a result of sex addiction.

In addition, sex addiction is also likely to have negative impacts such as decreased social relations, decreased concentration and productivity at work, and contracted infectious diseases. Psychologically, this can lead to feelings of shame, inadequacy, and emotional distress. It can have profound psychological effects, such as causing feelings of shame, inadequacy, and emotional distress.

Sex addiction mode for crime

Psychologist David J. Ley has previously said that the diagnosis of sex addiction can easily be exploited by dangerous individuals, who wish to avoid responsibility for their depraved acts.

“I don’t know when being selfish, misogynistic, became a medical disorder,” Ley told NBC News in 2017.


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