Viral, the man with the color Ijo cries after failing to steal and almost raping a widow

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A man in green color cries after being beaten by a mob after he failed to steal from a widow’s house on Jalan Perwira II, East Medan District, Medan City, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) on Wednesday (18/8/2021).

It is known that the man with the initials MH alias Hakim was caught trying to enter and steal at a widow’s house. The judge allegedly even tried to rape the widow of the owner of the house.

When he was arrested, Hakim was seen wearing only green underpants or undergarments. The man who was later dubbed the resident ‘si kolor ijo’ was immediately the target of a raw bombshell by residents who were annoyed with his actions.

According to one resident, Supriadi, Hakim broke into his neighbor’s house by breaking through the roof. However, apparently the action is known to the victim. The judge hit the victim’s head with a stick until it bled. Residents who heard the victim’s screams immediately left the house and managed to catch the perpetrator who only wore a drawstring.

While sobbing Hakim said he had a grudge with the neighbor who was the victim. Unfortunately, residents who are already emotional, do not pay attention to the explanation.

After being satisfied with beating the perpetrator, the residents then reported the incident to the Medan Timur Police. The Head of the East Medan Police, Kompol M Arifin, said that the officers immediately arrested the perpetrators who had been attacked by local residents. Currently, the perpetrator is under investigation.

From the results of the preliminary examination, said Arifin, the perpetrator did intend to steal at the victim’s house. However, regarding the suspicion of wanting to rape the owner of the house, the police are still investigating the matter.

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