Behind the Peekaboo Game, There Are Benefits for Your Little One’s Growth

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Di Balik Permainan Cilukba, Ada Manfaat untuk Tumbuh Kembang Si Kecil

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Peek-a-boo, when Mums play it with your little one, he will happily reply with a happy face and even laugh out loud. Although peekaboo looks simple because it is only played by closing and opening the eyes, it turns out to be a fun game for little ones.

Not only in Indonesia, games peek a boo also worldwide although with different names. In English, the game is named peek-a-boo. In China, known as niao jia. Japan named it henna, henna, ba and Korea named it fuck um. In Spanish, they call it aqui ta and in Dutch it is called kiekeboe.

Did you know, Peek-a-boo, is not only a favorite game for your little one, but also contains many benefits for their growth and development. What are the benefits of the peek-a-boo game? Come on, Mums, let’s go through one by one.

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Peekaboo Game for Little One’s Growth

While playing peek-a-boo, Mums will close face with both hands while saying “Peek”, then suddenly opened face expressively while making a soundB”, which as if surprise Ksmall. This Mums behavior will make your little one laugh every time you do it repeatedly.

1. Mellove to interact

Si Small at a very early age of course not yet familiar with verbal communication. While playing Peek a boo, the little one indirectly communicates by non-verbal through eye contact, smile, and laughter. PChild development psychologists always mention if Smiles and laughter can be important communication tools for babies before they develop language. Interaction intense between parents and child will make it easynya learn to talk and improve communication skills si child later.

2. Develop children’s cognitive abilities

When playing Cilukba, the child will initially shocked that his parents were missing, but its nature is only for a moment, the child will be happy when realize his parents not lost forever. Peek-a-boo game teaches the concept of permanent object (Object Permanent) where understanding that objects exist even though they cannot see, hear, or touch them. The appearance of permanent objects is an important developmental milestone and marker of cognitive development in children.

3. Train children’s independence from an early age

When Mums mention Peekaboo and cover the face, the child will feel Mums out of sight. Possible in At first the child will feel anxious, but when Mums open his face again Ba, the child will react with happy faces and laughter because Mums is back. This teaches children not to worry when their parents are not around and help children control themselves when parents are not around. The child learns that there is distance and time that separates them.

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4. Train children to recognize patterns and habits

When playing Cilukba with children, Mums will definitely do it over and over again. Well, the behavior patterns that Mums do are repeated, covering their faces when Peekaboo and reopen when Ba, train children to recognize patterns and habits

5. Train children to socialize

Peekaboo games are not only played by Mums and Dads, but can also be played by family members at home and even other people around. By involving other people, child study for bersocializing and adapting to the presence of new people.

6. Stimulate child’s sense of humor

Smile and Laughter is an early form of communication. C gameilukba encourage children to start seeing the funny side. Actions done Mums game timenan provoke their laughter. Laughter is also base to develop skills child to interact with other people.

Along with the development of the child’s age, the game of peekaboo can be varied by Moms and Dads. Peekaboo games tend to be enthusiastically welcomed by children aged 6-12 months. After the age of 12 months, variations of the game need to be done. Moms Dads can vary by using pillows, cloth to cover your face, hide behind doors and so on.

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