Even though making a living is only through scavenging, this grandmother still has a big dream, which is to perform Umrah – 1NEWS

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Everyone must have a dream to be able to enjoy old age calmly and happily, and be able to gather with family without having to carry a heavy burden of life.

However, it seemed that Daeng Baji couldn’t feel it. This old woman, at her old age still has to accept the reality of life to become a scavenger.

The heart that always intends to perform worship in the Holy land of Mecca has never been lost in Grandma’s mind.

The intention was there but fate said otherwise, he had to work scavenging used cardboard on the street just to be able to fill his stomach every day. Daeng Baji said that it was difficult for me to eat every day, especially when I wanted to perform Umrah, it was very difficult to achieve in his life until he cried when he remembered that his intention was never achieved.

From the results of the cardboard box Daeng Baji can eat. However, if Daeng is sick and cannot work, Daeng can only endure hunger and other needs cannot be met.

Sometimes, if Daeng Baji has gone around working and doesn’t get used goods, he sits on the side of the road contemplating his fate and crying.

Currently Daeng lives in a simple house with his children and grandchildren who work odd jobs. The house is built on someone else’s land, Daeng is afraid that at any time he will be told to leave and where else can Daeng take shelter.

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