Killed Stepfather Who Became Her Husband Because He Was Rape, This Woman Was On Trial

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Valerie Bacot (center/yellow scarf) accompanied by her family arrives at the Court of Chalon-sur-Saone, central France. She is on trial for the murder of her husband’s stepfather, in which Bacot claims she was raped when she was 12. (AFP PHOTO/JEFF PACHOUD)

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– A woman in France is on trial, after killing her now-husband stepfather because she was raped. Valerie Bacot’s story gave rise to a petition signed by hundreds of thousands of people, demanding that she be released. “I had to end it,” Bacot says in the book Everybody Knew. “All this time, I was very scared.”

The trial, which was held in Chalon-sur-Saone, central France, will be held until Friday local time (25/6/2021). Bacot was 12 years old when his stepfather, Daniel Polette, 25 years his senior, raped him. Polette was thrown into prison. However, when he was released, he again raped Bacot.

“He told my mother he wouldn’t do it. But in reality he lied,” the 40-year-old said. At the age of 17, Bacot became pregnant. He is then kicked out by his drunken mother, and lives with Polette. In his testimony, Bacot revealed he was forced to live with Polette because he had nowhere else to go.

However, his stepfather carried out torture, in which Bacot admitted to being hit with a hammer on one occasion.

“First he would slap me. Then he would kick, hit and strangle me,” Bacot said. Polette asked Bacot to become a commercial sex worker (CSW) for a truck driver, and told him to dress as the client wanted. Investigators found that Polette often threatened to kill Bacot by pointing a gun at him.

“This has to end” Bacot’s anger came to a head when Polette, now her husband, questioned their 14-year-old daughter, Karline. At that time, Karline was asked by Polette about sexuality. “This must stop immediately,” said Valerie Bacot. In March 2016, Polette hired Bacot to serve a client. Bacot used the opportunity to kill her husband.

Reported by AFP via the Straits Times Tuesday (22/6/2021), Polette was shot dead with her weapon which was taken by Bacot.

Bacot said he wanted to make sure his daughter didn’t end up like him. “I wanted to save him,” he explained. However, the circumstances under which the shooting took place ruled out his claim of self-defense. Bacot hides Polette’s body with the help of two of her four children. A year later, he was arrested and confessed to his crimes. Bacot’s lawyer explained that his client’s sexual violence for 25 years and his desire to protect his child made Bacot kill Polette.


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