Causes of Bad Smelling Vagina During Pregnancy

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Penyebab Vagina Berbau Tak Sedap Selama Hamil

During pregnancy, women experience physical and mental changes. Some of them even make you feel uncomfortable, such as having a bad smelling vagina. This may reduce your self-confidence. So, how to deal with this bad-smelling vagina? Check out the explanation, come on!

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Causes of Bad Vaginal Smell During Pregnancy

There are several reasons why vaginal odor can vary during pregnancy. Generally, bad odor in the vagina during pregnancy is accompanied by vaginal discharge, can smell fishy, ​​or smell like ammonia. For some mums, this can be caused by lifestyle during pregnancy, and for the rest it can be due to infection.

1. Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection by bacteria that can occur in pregnant women. In the early stages of this infection, there is a vaginal odor followed by itching. If the condition bothers you more, especially at night, see a doctor immediately.

2. Monilia fungal infection

This infection can occur due to hormonal changes, lack of sleep, diabetes, underwear that is too tight, or caused by taking drugs. Yeast infections are common in pregnant women and can cause a strong vaginal odor.

3. Abnormal vaginal discharge

Normal vaginal discharge is generally odorless, but if it is abnormal, the smell can be pungent due to infection.

4. Poor intimate hygiene

When pregnant, change underwear often and also wash your vagina clean after urinating. Because uncleanness can be the cause of the vaginal odor.

5. Changes in hormones and diet

Like most changes during pregnancy, vaginal odor can also be caused by hormonal imbalances during pregnancy. Fluctuations in hormone levels, combined with dietary changes during pregnancy, can cause a vaginal odor.

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How to Overcome a Bad Smelling Vagina during Pregnancy

Vagina smells bad during pregnancy, it must be treated on time, you know, Mums. Otherwise, the condition may worsen. Therefore, try the following ways to solve it.

1. Keep it clean

Avoid tight synthetic clothing that doesn’t absorb sweat and is moist in the groin area. Instead, choose underwear and maternity pants made of cotton and loose. And don’t forget to always change your underwear every few hours so that cleanliness is maintained.

2. Pay attention to the food you eat

When you’re pregnant, you probably always want to eat anything, Moms. But to prevent unpleasant vaginal odor, try to change your diet during pregnancy by reducing eating sweet, spicy, and onions. Increase consumption of vegetables, fruit, and drink water.

3. Avoid vaginal fragrance products

Avoid using perfumed products for the vagina during pregnancy. Apart from being bad for the fetus, the chemicals used to clean the vagina can destroy good bacteria and make the area susceptible to bacteria or other infections.

4. Don’t wash your vagina with soap

You may really want to clean your vagina using soap because it is itchy and irritated with a bad smell. However, vaginal odor can also occur due to the use of scented soaps or wipes. We recommend using clean water only to wipe the vagina.

5. Visit the doctor if it is very disturbing

Vaginal odor will usually go away on its own due to improved diet and hygiene. However, if you feel the smell persists, accompanied by unusual vaginal discharge, and you experience redness, itching, inflammation, to pain, it’s a good idea to visit your gynecologist, Mums.

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