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Deddy Corbuzier had caused a stir because of his decision to stop using all social media, even including YouTube, which already has billions in income each month. The fans were curious, what made the man decide to let it all go? It turned out that it was not without reason that Deddy had not used social media, it was because Deddy had been stricken with Covid-19 and a cytokine storm.

After about two weeks of not showing up, Deddy finally re-uploaded his video podcast and interviewed a doctor named Gunawan. The doctor turned out to be a doctor who helped Azka Corbuzier’s father until he finally recovered. From his interview, Deddy was even more impressed with the figure of doctor Gunawan until finally he decided to give a car as a gift as well as a suitcase. Receiving such an award from Deddy, who exactly is this doctor Gunawan?

Medistra Hospital doctor who treats Deddy

Deddy and Doctor Gunawan [sumber gambar]

After being investigated, it turns out that Gunawan is a doctor who has served as an internal medicine specialist at the Medistras Hospital since 2012 until now. In the video podcast uploaded by Deddy, he admitted that he was disappointed because with his healthy lifestyle, he could still get Covid-19, even though his condition had worsened and almost died. But fortunately, as long as he was hospitalized, so many doctors helped Deddy, including doctor Gunawan.

Doctor with a noble heart

Doctor Gunawan on podcast [sumber gambar]

Actually, what attracted Deddy’s attention during his treatment and getting to know Dr. Gunawan, was not only about the doctor who helped save his life. But there is another thing, namely the doctor’s kindness. Deddy heard himself from patients and nurses at the hospital, that doctor Gunawan was different from other doctors. He often spends personal money to help underprivileged patients, even to buy medicine.

The purpose of being a doctor is to help people

On one occasion, Deddy also had time to ask personally, why doctor Gunawan often helps, frees up, even buys expensive medicines for patients who can’t afford it? Why did Gunawan’s doctor do that?

Doctor Gunawan [sumber gambar]

Smiling, the internist explained that his goal of becoming a doctor was not to make money, but to become a doctor to help people. This has been instilled since childhood by his parents, because when helping someone should not be half-hearted. Because what we give to help others, God will surely return it in another form.

Received appreciation from Deddy Corbuzier

After being sick, Deddy Corbuzier admitted that he had learned a lot, that all this time he had been too proud of his health. As an expression of gratitude, Deddy took out a large suitcase filled with money. According to Deddy, in addition to expressing gratitude, the money is also expected to be able to help other people.

Receiving the suitcase money, Doctor Gunawan was silent, as if unable to speak. Not yet there, Deddy also mentioned that he still had other gifts. After leaving the room, it turned out to be a white luxury car that greeted Doctor Gunawan. Deddy immediately gave the key directly.

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That’s a little about doctor Gunawang who never hesitates to help others. From the doctor’s kindness, we can learn that humans have nothing to lose if they often help others. God will always replace what he puts out, from unexpected ways.

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