Even though his body is already weak, this 90-year-old grandfather still struggles to find junk even though his wages are 20 thousand a month – 1NEWS

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Every day Grandpa Marsono (90) looks for junk for a bite of rice. Every time he gets a used bottle, Grandpa takes a rest, his body is tired to keep walking, coupled with the dizziness he feels from his anemia. Grandpa was only assisted by a cane he made of iron to help him walk. He also wears boots with higher soles given to him by neighbors, because if he wears thin sandals, grandfather will often feel dizzy.

Looking for junk from dawn until noon, Grandpa only hopes to get 1 sack of junk. In the sacks that are collected, usually only 3-4 kg is what grandfather gets. Each 1 kg costs 1,200 rupiah. In a month, grandfather usually gets no more than 20 thousand.

Usually, grandfather looks for junk in the tourist area of ​​Embung Rembulan. But since the pandemic the place was quiet and even closed. So grandfather had to go around the village to fill his sack. “Grandpa is not strong enough to carry him if there is more than one sack,” he whispered.

Grandpa should always take medicine to increase red blood cells and so he doesn’t get dizzy when doing activities. But grandfather did not have money to buy medicine. Even at midday, grandfather often has not eaten. He only brought a bottle of sweet drink to replace his blood-boosting medicine, and that was also a gift from a neighbor.

Grandpa only lives alone with his wife, Nek Warsih. The roof of their house has a hole so that rainwater will enter and wet the house. “Grandpa has not been able to repair it, there is no money. When given money by other people, grandfather usually immediately buys rice because every day we need to eat, ” Grandpa whispered.

His wife, Granny Warsih, sometimes works as a farm laborer in the fields. He earns 10 thousand if he works a day. However, his work only comes 2-3 days a month to Nek Warsih. So in order to be able to buy rice, grandfather had to go around looking for junk every day even though the wages were small. Because his income depended on junk, Grandpa never stopped looking for him. Grandpa wants to be healthy and fit so that he is more active in looking for junk without feeling dizzy and weak.

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