Even though she only gets 5 thousand wages, Grandma Satria is still grateful, all for the sake of her grandson’s life – 1NEWS

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Grandmother Satria (65 years) this elderly never stop working hard looking for the remains of carrots in the rice fields from morning to evening. In a day, Grandma Satriah can only get 5-10 kg if she sells one kilo, she only costs a thousand. Grandma Satria only got 5k in half a day of searching.

Not stopping there to make ends meet, Satria’s grandmother also looked for dried clove leaves in people’s gardens. Nek Satri is very active in looking for sustenance because there is an orphaned grandson in her house, namely Arfa (9 years old) in the 2nd grade of elementary school.

Arfa lost his father a few months ago, his father died of lymph node disease. Now his mother works selling snacks for small children to pay off the debts (10 million) left for Arfa’s father’s treatment while he was sick.

For food needs, it was Grandma Satri who worked hard to fulfill it because she felt sorry for her children and grandchildren who had just left her father.

So far, my grandmother has never received any help. Her house is far from settlements, located in the corner of the village, so many people don’t know when Ms. Satri is in trouble so she can’t eat because she runs out of rice.

When they ran out of rice the three of them could only cry and force their eyes to sleep hungry. Because at night I want to ask first at the shop. It wasn’t until the next day that Grandma Satri asked for rice and would pay for it when she got a fortune from selling clove leaves and looking for leftover carrots.

Grandma really wanted to have a proper stove and toilet, her house was slightly renovated to sleep well because her room also leaked when it rained.

Grandma wants to eat pindang it’s also difficult, the pindang has to be 12 thousand, Grandma has only 10 thousand enough for half a kilo and dages, “said Grandma Satriah

Grandma Satri only supplies water when she goes to the fields, she doesn’t dare to mix with other workers “Grandma herself doesn’t bring a snack bag,” said Grandma Satriah

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