Know the Types of Insulin Syringe Sizes, Which is the Best?

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Mengenal Jenis Ukuran Jarum Suntik Insulin, Yang Mana yang Terbaik?

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Diabetes is a condition that interferes with the body’s ability to process blood sugar. There are various types of diabetes, but all of them cause irregular blood sugar levels because the body does not produce or can not use the hormone insulin.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to help the body use blood sugar as energy. Diabetics can use insulin manually to regulate blood sugar levels and keep them normal.

Well, there are many types of insulin therapy, depending on how quickly it takes to lower blood sugar levels. There are also many ways to use insulin, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. The most common way is to use a needle or syringe.

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Type Size Insulin Syringe

Insulin syringes are available in various sizes to provide different doses of insulin as well. Most insulin syringe sizes are 0.3 milliliter (ml), 0.5 ml, 1 ml.

The size of the insulin syringe refers to the size of the barrel and how much insulin the injection can hold. The needles in the syringe are also available in various sizes because they are of different lengths.

The length of the needle determines how deep the needle can penetrate the skin. However, the needle is usually not too long because the important thing is to penetrate the fat layer, not to the muscle. The needle size itself is about 4 mm to 12.7 mm.

Needle thickness also varies. Thinner needles may be more comfortable to use, while thicker needles introduce insulin more quickly. Needle thickness sizes vary from 28-31.

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Importance of Insulin Syringe Thickness, Length and Size

Regarding the size of the insulin syringe, it is important for Diabestfriends to choose a needle with a length and thickness that is comfortable to use. Research shows that a person’s body size does not affect effectiveness when using a shorter syringe. In addition, the thickness of the skin is also not too different for each person.

Research in 2020 also showed that people tend to be more comfortable using shorter needles. In most cases, diabetics are advised to use a syringe with a length of 4-8 mm.

Diabetics also generally prefer to use thinner needles because they are easier to use. The thinner needles are also less painful or painful when injected.

While it is important to use a needle size that fits and is comfortable with individual preferences, it is equally important to use proper insulin injection technique to ensure blood sugar levels and prevent potential complications.

How to Choose an Insulin Syringe Size

In general, it is recommended that diabetics use short, thin needles for comfort. If a person with diabetes uses a longer needle, it can usually be painful because the needle penetrates the muscle.

If the needle penetrates the muscle, insulin is usually absorbed more quickly than it should, which can cause a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. Using a syringe that is thicker than necessary will also cause pain.

Usually the doctor will give instructions to Diabestfriends to determine the type and how much insulin is needed. Your doctor will also recommend the volume of insulin needed for the dose.

Regarding the size of the insulin syringe, it is usually recommended to choose one that can include a dose of insulin in one injection. So, there is no need to inject twice to fulfill one prescribed dose.

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