Mocked For ‘Quick Out’, P5K Killed by Dating Friends

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A commercial sex worker (PSK) in Subang, West Java (West Java) was killed because the perpetrator taunted him to quickly leave during sexual intercourse.

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“The motive is because he plays too fast, so dice-ece [ejek] by that woman,” said Subang Police Chief AKBP Teddy Fanani to, Friday (6/3/2020).

According to Teddy, the prostitutes who were killed and dumped in a dimly lit shop in Subang have provided free services to the perpetrators.

“He [pelaku] given free, then ‘play’ too fast and then teased by the woman,” he continued.

Because being ridiculed like that, the perpetrator felt hurt. Then, the prostitute who was still naked was smothered with a pillow. The victim died instantly.

The victim was found dead naked in a dimly lit shop in Patokbeusi, Subang, Tuesday (18/2/2020) afternoon.

The victim’s body was found with his hands and mouth tied.

According to the perpetrator’s confession, he and the victim knew each other so they wanted to provide free services to the perpetrators. “We already know each other,” added Teddy.

The perpetrator, AS was arrested in an area in Subang, Friday (28/2/2020). The arrest of the perpetrators was led directly by the Subang Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head, AKP Deden A Yani.

The perpetrator is currently being held at the Subang Police Headquarters. The police charged the perpetrators with Article 338 and Article 365 of the Criminal Code.

A prostitute in Sleman was killed at a hotel in Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman. It is suspected that the perpetrator of the PSK murder was a guest of the victim.

According to the Sleman Police Chief AKBP Rizky Ferdiansyah, there was a stab wound to the victim’s neck.

“There are reports of suspected murder causing a woman to die. The victim suffered serious injuries to the neck due to a stab,” he explained.

The incident where the prostitute was stabbed which led to her death occurred on Thursday (5/3/2020) early in the morning at a hotel in Sleman room 619.


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