Photographer Rape Model Candidate, Police: Arrested

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East Java The photographer who was reported by two potential models for alleged rape was finally arrested by the Satreskrim Polres Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya. The photographer is known to have been arrested in Lumajang, East Java.

“It’s true, the perpetrator (of the rape) was arrested by our team (Satreskrim) in Lumajang,” said Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya Police Chief, AKBP Antonius Agus Rahmanto.

Agus continued, the perpetrator had the initials AFW (20), a freelance driver. So it is strongly suspected that the perpetrator claimed to be a model photographer just to trick his victims. “We arrested the perpetrators without a fight,” Agus explained.

This AKPOL (Police Academy) alumnus explained that during the initial interrogation, the perpetrator admitted his actions to 2 victims who previously reported to the Tanjung Perak Harbor Police, Surabaya.

Unfortunately, Agus is not ready to explain the details of the chronology of the arrests and the modus operandi used by the perpetrators. “Patience, we are currently checking. Insya Allah, we will release it at 15.00 WIB,” he added.

Previously, two girls reported being victims of rape and confiscation of goods by the perpetrators. The two girls became victims after being attracted by the perpetrator’s offer that promised to turn the two victims into famous models.

When they met, the perpetrator took the two victims gradually to the tourist attraction Kenjeran Park (Ria Kenjeran Beach) Surabaya. Both victims were raped in the perpetrator’s car. And after being robbed of their valuables, the two victims were dropped off in the middle of the road.


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