Portrait of Haru, Grandpa Dul Eating Instant Noodles Divided into 3 Days to Avoid Hunger – 1NEWS

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His name is Grandpa Dulladi (74), usually called grandfather dul, he had to spend his old age with a very sad life. Giving from neighbors is a way to make a living.

Currently, Grandfather Dul lives in a simple hut which can be said to be unfit for habitation with his only child who suffers from a mental disorder.

“I’m sad, son, I don’t have rice to cook. sometimes the noodles that my neighbor gave me eat for 3 days.

“Grandpa’s son has a mental disorder, so grandfather can’t leave,” said Grandpa Duladi

Grandpa Dul also told me that his wife had died decades ago and he could no longer work for the last 4 years. because of gout and rheumatism in both legs

Now grandfather can only rely on food assistance from neighbors. Even the instant noodles that his neighbors gave him had to be set aside for almost 3 days.

If there is no help from neighbors, Grandpa is forced to fast and starve for days. To stop his rumbling stomach, Grandpa could only prop it up with drinking water.

Friends, it’s really sad that Grandpa Dul’s life is living. You don’t have money, you don’t have food.

Help Donation: https://www.donasionline.id/berbagiuntukkakekdul

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