REALLY HARD!!! This girl was raised like a biological child and even cheated on her father until she became pregnant. .

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A heartbreaking story from a wife has suddenly gone viral on social media. The husband turned out to be secretly cheating on his adopted child to make him pregnant.

A wife from Vietnam with the initials NH did not expect her household to be destroyed due to the actions of the girl whom she had adopted as a child for 10 years.

How not, raised like a biological child, this girl actually had the heart to betray her adoptive mother.

The girl with the initials M was caught having an affair with her adoptive father.

Worse yet, M is currently pregnant with a child from her affair with her adoptive father.

It is known that NH and her husband already have four sons from their marriage.

NH and her husband also want to have a daughter.

He then decided to adopt their nephew, who was then about six or seven years old.

This is because NH’s sister cannot raise the girl because she has financial problems.

NH then took the initiative and expressed her willingness to adopt her nephew, M,

and raised her as his own daughter.

NH thinks that after adopting her niece, she and her husband will have a daughter like

what they always hoped for and their families would be happier.

However, NH did not expect that M would eventually become the cause of her marital problems.

What NH doesn’t know is that during the more than 10 years of raising M,

her niece slowly became close to her husband.

M has also become more mature with a slim body, according to ET Today.

Even having sex with her husband while he was away.

call NH by calling mother. The two are also very close and friendly with their four half brothers.

Therefore, NH is not at all wary of M.

Until one day, NH noticed that M’s figure had changed and her husband seemed very distant from her.

After careful investigation, NH discovers the terrifying truth,

but unfortunately it was too late because M was pregnant.

“I found out that my husband was ‘stolen’ by my nephew.

I didn’t want to tolerate it anymore and decided to confront M about it

and ended the marriage with my husband,” said NH.

The worst part of the whole situation is that NH discovers the shocking truth that M’s birth mother,

who was his sister, knew of the affair.

Not only did NH’s sister not stop the affair but helped M hide it.

After discussing with his lawyer, NH speculated that M might do it

to obtain registration and Australian household identity.

Accusing Wife of Cheating & Installing CCTV, This Pilot Wasn’t Even Aware of Revealing His Disgrace Sleeping Hundreds of Women

The unfortunate fate also experienced by a woman from the United States.

Hillary Zinks, the pilot’s wife, admitted that she didn’t think her husband had betrayed her so badly.

Hillary, who lives in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA, revealed the heartbreaking truth about her husband, after she found out that his husband was having an affair with hundreds of women.

Recently, Hillary shared her story through a video on social media TikTok, about how her husband, Peter is behaving.

Peter and Hillary officially married on December 28 three years ago.

However, Peter turned out to be not the faithful and needy husband Hillary thought.

Early in the relationship, Hillary said that Peter, who is a pilot, often canceled appointments and used various excuses not to see his girlfriend.

This began to raise Hillary’s suspicions.

After their relationship grew closer, Peter often spent money on fine dining, overseas trips, meals, and expensive hotels without taking Hillary with him.

Peter always reasoned that he was on business because he was a pilot.

After that, Peter even accused his girlfriend Hillary of having an affair even though he didn’t.

Peter forces Hillary to delete all passwords on her electronic devices.

Hillary discovered the fact that there were so many other women who claimed to have slept with Hillary’s husband.

When suspicions reached their peak, Peter even installed cameras in the house to prevent his wife from bringing her lover home.

This made Hillary very angry and upset.

“He’s gone to fancy dinners in many parts of the world, leaving me at home with a plate of frozen cauliflower and chicken. He’ll come home with new clothes, new hair.

We got married, we only lived together for a few months before I realized something was wrong,” Hillary said.

Hillary tells the story of her husband’s affair on TikTok.

To clarify her suspicions, Hillary began investigating her husband’s social media accounts, so that the truth was revealed.

He came across a long list of blocked accounts, mostly women, so he decided to contact a few of them.

Someone quickly admitted to having sex with Peter.

After that, Hillary’s mother continued to learn that her husband was a member of a sex club in Miami.

Worse, she joined this club only 6 days after their wedding.

“I contacted the woman involved.

The first one I found was from the Dominican Republic.

He was very kind and told me the details of how they met, when, where they slept together without contraception,” Hillary said.

Her husband’s affair also told the date and the hotel where they were staying.

Hillary called the hotel and confirmed to the hotel about this.

He asked Peter, but of course he denied it.

Eventually Hillary divorced Peter and moved to live with her mother in the state of New Mexico.

“It took more than a year, but now it’s almost back to normal.

I will never put myself in the same position as my previous relationship.

I want to share my story to help others,” said Hillary.

“Other women have never experienced a similar situation. During those days, I learned a lot about life, love, marriage,” she said again,

The video on TikTok that Hillary shared about her painful experience has garnered great attention, having so far been viewed more than 20.7 million times and nearly 5 million likes.

Many people have supported Hillary’s actions and hope that she will have a happy life in the future.


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