The boarding house officers were raided by Central Jakarta Satpol PP officers. A non-married couple were caught in this raid. . .

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The boarding house on Jalan Dwi Warna, Karanganyar, Sawah Besar, was harassed by Satpol PP officers Jakarta Center. Non-married couples were caught in this raid.

The two boarding houses visited were Gunung and Blueberry boarding houses. When approached, the residents looked surprised because they were still asleep.

The officer asked the residents to show their identity. Those with problems were immediately taken to the Sawah Besar District office, to be recorded.

In addition, officers also found a Nigerian citizen named Obina. He had time to show his passport and visa which were still valid. He claimed to have arrived in Indonesia on April 24.

“We will take it to Sawah Besar District, we will check with the Central Jakarta Immigration Office,” said Central Jakarta Mayor, Mangara Pardede, Tuesday (28/4).

Recently, raids like this have been intensively carried out because of the proliferation of prostitution networks. This was revealed after the murder case of Deudeuh Alfisahrin.


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