3 RX King Motorists Enter Asphalt Mandalika Circuit, Security Tightened

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The Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) as the manager of the Mandalika tourist area regrets the incident of three RX-king motorbike riders who were caught on camera trying out the main trajectory of the special area road (JKK) of the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara recently.

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ITDC VP Corporate Secretary, I Made Agus Dwiatmika said that currently the Mandalika Circuit was following the hormologation process, so that access to the track needed to be maintained so that its quality complies with the requirements for organizing international motorcycle races.

Photo: YouTube Fajr Drones

“We regret that there was an incident involving a motorbike rider on the main track of the JKK Mandalika Circuit,” said Agus to detikcom, Sеӏаѕа (24/8/2021).

Following up on this incident, his party admitted that they would not punish the three RX-king riders. However, security around the Mandalika Circuit will also be tightened and emphasize persuasive measures and outreach to the public.

“ITDC will tighten security and increase outreach to the public regarding the restriction of access to the circuit. We hope that the public will understand this condition as well as maintain the quality of our current pride circuit track,” he asked.

“ITDC asks for the support of everyone so that the development can run smoothly and our dreams are together to carry out the аӏар Mоtог ntегnаѕіоnаӏ event can be seen,” he added.

Agus explained that his party is completing two tunnels which will be the audience’s motа access to service services, hotels, and indoor facilities outside the check area.

Tunnels are also provided as access for residents to enter and leave from above to the JKK area of ​​the Mandalika Circuit. For access to Seger аntа, ITDC is currently focusing on new access at the top of the service road.

“ITDC asks residents to take advantage of these accesses to exit/enter JKK,” he said.

Sources: detik.com

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