PITY !!! Police Arrest Perpetrators of Abusers and Child Killers in Siak

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Tualang personnel arrested the perpetrator of the murder and molestation of a boy with the initials ALG (8). The boy’s body was found stuck in an acacia tree behind a Muslim grave in Kampung Pinang, East Sebatang, Tualang District, Siak Regency, Riau.

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Siak Police Chief AKBP Doddy F Sanjaya said the perpetrator’s initials were MH (24), who was the victim’s own family. The young man was arrested in his hometown in South Nias, North Sumatra Province.

“From his confession, the perpetrator’s motive was revenge with the victim’s father. Because the perpetrator was slapped by the victim’s father,” said Doddy, Friday (7/8).

After conducting a long investigation, the police managed to arrest the perpetrators from the results of the crime scene and a series of stories about the disappearance of the victim on 16 July. From the testimony of several witnesses, the police got the identity of the perpetrator.

Because, before the incident occurred, the perpetrator and the victim’s father had an argument until the victim was beaten.

“So this perpetrator also lives at the victim’s house. But because of an argument and being hit by the victim’s father, the perpetrator left the house and lived not far from the victim’s house,” said Doddy.

The commotion between the victim’s father and the perpetrator was due to borrowing the victim’s father’s motorbike, and sending him home too late but being beaten by the victim’s father.

“The perpetrator was revengeful and hurt by the motorcycle incident earlier. In addition, he was also often scolded by the victim’s father,” explained Doddy.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator MH admitted his actions. Before being killed with a knife, the victim was also molested by the perpetrator. MH admitted that the action had been planned.


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