Posting an old photo, Rizki DA is said to have failed to move on from Lesti Kejora – 1NEWS

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Rizki D’Academy and Lesti Kejora [Instagram]

It is reported that Rizki DA, the singer, has failed to move from his ex-lover, Lesti Kejora.

It all started with his upload on his Instagram account.

There, Rizki DA was seen sharing old school photos with his twin, Ridho DA.

“Anyone remember this limp” in which forest? The story is that tea wants to be GGS cennah,” wrote it as a caption.

Unfortunately, the post did not get a positive response from netizens.

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Many netizens have accused Nadya Mustika Rahayu’s husband of failing to move on.

Rizki D’Academy’s upload [Instagram/@da2_rizki123]

“It’s like remembering Lesti. Nadya you don’t want to be an outlet. His heart is not finished with the past. Where have people gone, he still stays where he is hahahahaha,” said @yenzmaulana.

“Wkkwkwkk, let’s move on, kang,” said @krtkintan.

“Old photos are blooming again” added @lilyleksana.

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“In cianjur, well (Lesti Kejora’s hometown),” added @fitrihanda26.

One of Rizki’s colleagues at D’Academy, Ika Shakira, also chimed in.

He recalls that the photo was taken while they were on vacation.

“Remember when I was on the road tour of Kawa Island. GGS defecate carelessly, yes. Are you looking? @ipamvtter @da2_ridho @da2_irwan_sumenep @danang_official91 @reza_zakarya_daa,” said @da2_ikashakira.

As is known, Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar have just officially become husband and wife.

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Meanwhile, Rizki DA was married to Nadya Mustika Rahayu last year.

His household was hit by slanted gossip because Rizki DA doubted that the child his wife was carrying was his own flesh and blood.


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