Sadistic, a resident slits the throat of his victim Afraid of Sodomy’s Secret Revealed. .

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Sadis, a resident of Ketam Putih Village, Bengkalis, Riau, with the initials IN (48) slit the throat of the victim RW (14) using a machete after the victim of RW was sodomized in Sungai Batang Village, Wednesday

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This murder was carried out by the perpetrator who panicked that the victim would report the sodomy act committed by the perpetrator to his father.

“When he heard the words (threats, ed) the perpetrators were anxious and panicked, then took a machete in the usual place where the perpetrators finished looking for animal feed,” said Bengkalis Police Chief, AKBP Hendra Gunawan, during a press conference, Friday

Before being slashed, the IN perpetrator slashed the victim’s right temple and made the RW victim scream for help. The dark-eyed perpetrator continued to swing a machete at the victim’s face and head, causing the victim to fall and die on the spot.

This series of murders started when the IN perpetrator met with witness U on the edge of Main Street, Ketam Putih, Bengkalis District, on Wednesday.

At that time, the perpetrator asked witness U to bring the victim to the RW on Jalan Sungai Batang. Witness U, at that time was promised to be given a salary of Rp. 10,000 as a replacement for vehicle operations.

After revealing this to witness U, the IN perpetrator then went on and worked as usual giving animal feed until the afternoon. And at around 18.30 WIB, the perpetrators took a bath and got ready to go to the Batang River location as promised

At around 6:55 pm, witness U and victim RW arrived at the scene. The IN perpetrator then gave the vehicle operational replacement money as promised to witness U and ordered the witness to go home first, leaving the victim.

The perpetrator IN told witness U that the RW victim would later be escorted home by the perpetrator and asked the witness not to wait for the victim anymore. Hearing these words, the witness then started his vehicle and left the scene.

The perpetrator, who saw the atmosphere was safe, then pulled the victim’s hand into the bushes. The suspect asked the victim to take off his shirt and pants.

“At that time the victim followed the words of the perpetrator. After that the perpetrator ordered the victim to lie down in a supine position,” said AKBP Hendra during a press conference.

At that time, an indecent incident occurred. The perpetrator forced the victim’s rectum for five minutes until the perpetrator ejaculated and threw it into the victim’s stomach RW

“The victim was then brought back by the perpetrators to Jalan Sungai Batang. That’s when the victim threatened to report the crime to his father and made the victim panic and killed the victim,” explained Hendra.

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Residents around Ketam Putih Village, Bengkalis District, Bengkalis Regency, Riau, Thursday (17/06/2021) at around 06.30 WIB, were shocked by the discovery of the body of a boy who was in the bushes of a football field.

The findings were followed up by the Bengkalis Police and carried out a crime scene investigation and carried out a series of investigations into the discovery of the body.

From the results of the investigation, the alleged perpetrator of this murder led to IN. To the officers, the perpetrator was convoluted and had an alibi during interrogation.


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