Suara Kayu Presents Instrumental Exploration in the Song ‘Pencil Eraser’

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Posted on: 08/24/21 at 11:00 am

In single latest, Wood Sound trying to summarize all experiences such as heartache, despair, failure in dealing with past events into a work.

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Often those who experience the incident feel depressed, need friends to confide in and the like because it must be admitted, it is not as easy as erasing pencil strokes that have been beautifully written on paper.

Based on such incidents and events, Dewangga Elsandro and Ingrid Tamara who are members of Suara Kayu managed to summarize the events as described above into a song with the title ‘Pencil Eraser’.

The Process Behind The ‘Pencil Eraser’ Work

Beautiful scenery, a calm and pleasant atmosphere is often an encouragement mood for creativity. Without any immediate plans, he was moved to write this ‘Pencil Eraser’ song. Located in the villa area of ​​Bandung, West Java, Ingrid immediately invited Dewangga to sit in front of the villa balcony to compose a song. It didn’t take long for the song ‘Pencil Eraser’ to be created.

To strengthen the nuances of the song, Suara Kayu involves several session or other instrument players such as Stanley Salawati (contrabass), Nina Sari Ishak (piano) and Simeon Nyoto (harmonics), even Dewangga as a member of Suara Kayu does not remain silent, the nylon guitar chorus he plays to approach mood maximum of the song ‘Pencil Eraser’. As a result, the feel folk-pop the song feels thicker. The process of recording vocals and guitar is done at Tucasa Studio while other accompaniment instruments are recorded at practice room Wood Sound studio and studio.

Wood Sound Brings New Instruments

Line-up the musicians are still the same as single us before. But what’s special about single Today we try to present a new instrument, namely the harmonica which is played very sweetly by Simeon Nyoto and I also try to use a nylon guitar. So approach moodit fits the theme of the song,” said Angga.

The hope is that the song that was released on August 20, 2021, can be done relate for all connoisseurs to enjoy. Because for them that a beautiful moment sometimes creates a passion to be more grateful for love. But it can also evoke beautiful memories that you don’t want to remember anymore.

“May all friends who listen Eraser, can feel the story that we write. You can appreciate your ex-girlfriend who is hurting more, still remembering all the beautiful things behind all your bad things,” he concluded.

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Ok guys, enjoy listening to the song ‘Pencil Eraser’ presented by Suara Kayu.

Source: Press Release
Writer & Editor: Arslan Musyfia

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