Unlucky fate befell a 16-year-old teenager with just SIX DAYS of dating, the teenager was raped by seven teenagers, including his girlfriend.

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The fate of a 16-year-old teenager from Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java. Just six days of dating, ABG was raped by seven teenagers, including his girlfriend.

Sad, the boyfriend who raped the teenage girl is also 14 years old. Initials ”Ch”. He is now a suspect.

Meanwhile, six of his friends with the initials SB (16), MJ (17), MU (15), RZ (17), LI (14), and X (16) were also suspects. The group of perverted teenagers lives in the same village in Ambal-Ambil Village, Kejayan District, Pasuruan Regency.

“The parents of the victim who did not accept reported the rape to the Pasuruan Police Headquarters on Sunday 12 September 2018 yesterday,” said KBO Satreskrim Pasuruan Police, Iptu Bambang Tri Sutrisno.

“Two hours after reporting, we arrested three of the seven suspects in their respective homes. The rest are still on the DPO,” he said.

Before the rape took place, the teenage girl was invited by her boyfriend to play in his house which was not inhabited. When passing in front of SB’s house, Ch saw his friends gathered so that the initial intention was not carried out. He even invited the girl he had just been dating to join in.

“After a long chat, their bad habit of drinking alcohol emerged. And at that time, the suspect’s house was quiet,” he said.

The lack of pocket money, made the group of perverted boys rack their brains. As a result, a bottle of water mixed with 80 percent alcohol becomes an intoxicating local drink. The bootleg liquor was then drunk in a crowd in SB’s private room. The victim was also forced to drink, but managed to refuse.

“After getting drunk, the suspects came together to want to beat the victim. Even though they had time to fight back, the victim was still managed to be dragged into the room by the suspects, then raped in turn,” said Iptu Bambang.

For the rape, the police ensnared the perverted boys with Article 81 of the Child Protection Act. “The punishment is up to seven years in prison,” said Iptu Bambang.

In front of investigators, the suspects admitted that they knew the drink concoction while hanging out with “punk boys” on the streets of Wonorejo and Bangil squares, Pasuruan Regency.

“Want to buy wine afraid of being caught,” said one of the suspects.


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