Used to work as Ojol, Coolie, to Serabutan, now this young man is accepted as a police officer – Boombastis

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Life in the world is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes above, and sometimes below. Not even a few of the transition phase is so short. We can see some of the names of mega stars from China such as Kris Wu, Zhang Zhe Han, Zheng Shuang, who were initially at the peak of their careers, but in a matter of days their careers collapsed to the bottom.

On the other hand, someone who used to live a tough life can also be quickly elevated if God wills. One of the touching stories came from an Indonesian citizen. In a short video, he shares several photos of his life journey from working odd jobs to becoming a police officer. And here is the full story.

scavenger boy

scavenger boy [sumber gambar]

The young man is the son of a scavenger. While her mother is a housewife who also sells to help the family’s economy. During this time, he also often helps his father sort out the junk. Not only that, he also struggles to collect rupiah coffers by being a drink delivery person.

Struggling to work in many fields

various professions [sumber gambar]

There are so many doors of sustenance, so we are obliged to try as much as possible. This is what this young man believed. He is passionate about working as a drivers ojol, because the results were not satisfactory enough, he also tried to sell ketupat so he could feel the holidays with his friends. It didn’t stop there, he had also been a construction worker and helped his mother sell chips. He also worked in an internet service office for several months. He was even a moving house driver and lifting goods.

Desperate to register the police

desperate to register the police [sumber gambar]

Until finally, this young man dared to try his luck registering the Police for the first year. Prepare the file for a week and go for the test alone, without the company of family. In fact, this young man felt inferior because he only studied self-taught, unlike the other participants. But in the end, he passed and was selected to take part in the education of the National Police Officer. He immediately gave the news to his parents, and immediately his mother cried with joy for the achievement.

Netizens reaction

Seeing the video, not a few netizens said they were proud and applauded the persistence of this young man. This inspiration is also an encouragement for those who are currently struggling to find halal sustenance. Because really, there is no struggle and effort that betrays the results. As long as you strive earnestly, Allah will surely raise the rank of his servant.

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Those are some inspirational stories from young people who used to have many professions, from ojol to coolies, and are now police candidates. Really proud of his parents. Hopefully we can also achieve our desires and seek sustenance lawfully.

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