5 Most Powerful Toothache Medicines with Natural Ingredients

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natural toothache remedy

Toothache can happen to anyone at any age. In addition to pain, there are times when toothache is also followed by swelling of the gums around the teeth. If it is severe this condition will cause headaches and even decreased appetite, not infrequently daily activities are disturbed because of it. Then, what is the most effective toothache medicine to cure it?

Causes of toothache

Before knowing the most effective toothache medicine, what is right for a toothache, you must first understand the cause of the toothache. In addition to cavities, there are various causes of toothache. Here are some things that can make toothache excruciating:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Wisdom teeth are growing
  • Gum disease
  • Dental caries
  • Doing dental treatment
  • Habit of gritting your teeth
  • Loose tooth fillings

Beyond that, lack of awareness of maintaining cleanliness can also be a cause of toothache. Therefore, don’t hesitate to check with your dentist at least every six months to keep them clean and well-maintained.

5 Most Powerful Toothache Medicines with Natural Ingredients and How to Treat Them

Teeth that are rattled will certainly interfere with activities. If it’s like this, Parents usually will immediately look for a toothache medicine that is widely circulated in the market. However, there are also, you know, several types of natural ways that can be done to get rid of toothache. Anything?

1. Gargle with salt water

Going to the dentist immediately after feeling the pain is actually not completely effective, considering that the doctor will not immediately take action if your teeth are still problematic. While waiting, there’s nothing wrong with trying to rinse your mouth with salt water as first aid.

toothache medicine

Some people even think salt water is the most effective toothache remedy to relieve pain.

The method is also easy, dissolve tsp of salt in a glass of water (240 ml) and gargle for a few moments. For optimal results, you can do flossing first to get rid of food debris stuck around the area of ​​​​the sore tooth.

2. Over-the-counter pain relievers

Dentists will usually recommend acetaminophen for children. But for those of you who are adults can take ibuprofen to relieve the existing pain. If you choose aspirin, it is best to swallow it immediately. Do not put it first on the teeth or silence it on the tongue because the results will not be optimal.

3. Ice cube compress

Compressing using ice cubes is another toothache remedy that you can try at home. Put the ice cubes in a small plastic then wrap it with a clean cloth. You can put this compress directly on the aching tooth to soothe the nerves of the tooth, or you can put it on the cheek area which usually swells.

In addition, there are also other tricks that can be tried. Use this compress to massage the back of the hand, the nerves in the fingers will then send a ‘cold’ signal and then override the pain signal in the tooth. Try to massage your hand on the same side as the aching tooth. Then apply special pressure on the thumb and forefinger area. Leave it for 7 minutes until the pain subsides.

4. Clove oil as the most powerful toothache medicine

How to treat a toothache that is also claimed to be effective is clove oil. This one oil is allegedly able to help relieve pain, the compound contained in this spice, namely eugenol, acts as a natural anesthetic.

Pour two drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and apply it to the affected tooth until the pain subsides. You can also use ground cloves or whole cloves as an alternative to treating cavities.

But be careful using this oil, bro, pouring it directly in your mouth or dripping it on your tongue or sensitive gums is not a cure but can actually make toothache worse.

5. Shallots as the most effective toothache medicine

Not only does it make dishes more delicious, in fact onion is a natural toothache remedy that you can try at home. Shallots have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that are effective in controlling pain and killing bacteria that cause tooth infections.

hassle free, Parents it is enough to chew this tuber for a few minutes on the side of the aching tooth. If you haven’t thought about chewing, place the sliced ​​onion directly on the aching tooth.

toothache medicine

In addition to onions, you can also choose garlic. When torn teeth, garlic will then release allicin, which is a natural oil substance that is effective in reducing toothache.

Well, have you ever tried any of the methods above to treat toothache?

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