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Money Heist fans can’t wait to see the final chapter in the story of Spain’s biggest heist. Divided into two volumes coming out on September 3 and December 3 next, Money Heist Part 5 will focus on the continuation of the story of the Professor and his friends who are now in a dangerous situation. What started as a robbery, soon turned into a war.

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For those who have never watched Money Heist, you may be wondering why this series is so popular with many people. Therefore, consider the following five reasons that make Money Heist a favorite show in various parts of the world, including Indonesia!

Iconic robbery

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Money Heist tells the story of Spain’s biggest heist, initiated by someone under the pseudonym Professor – a genius, calm, and always thinking ten steps ahead. As a meticulous leader, the Professor plots a robbery with incredible detail.

He is able to make the best of his time, opportunity, and surroundings so that his group can get out safely. The robbery was also done in an iconic way, where the group wore red jumpsuits and Salvador Dali masks.

With such a solid teamwork, don’t be surprised if you will be amazed by the Professor’s plan and execution.

Various characters that steal attention

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Another thing that makes the Money Heist series so iconic is the characters. The band of robbers used pseudonyms taken from the names of cities, such as Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Berlin, and Nairobi. In addition, each member is recruited by the Professor for different reasons.

This also creates a variety of character background stories that are no less interesting to follow.

Not only gangs of robbers, the people around them also have characters that steal attention, including the hostages and the police. Get ready to be immersed in the amazing acting of the cast!

A suspenseful and unpredictable storyline

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If you’re a fan of shows that let you guess at the plot, the Money Heist series is the right choice! A robbery story certainly won’t be fun if everything goes according to plan, and Money Heist has the right recipe to make the audience flutter. There are lots of interesting factors and ingredients that put the Professor and his friends in a dangerous situation, so you’ll have to keep guessing how their fate will turn out.

How will they fool the police? Who will die among them? Will they be caught this time? Questions like these will always run through your mind when you watch Money Heist!

Combination of action and drama

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Money Heist offers a variety of extraordinary actions. Gunshots, hostage-taking, and explosion after explosion have colored this series since its first part. You will also feel the thrill of tension when gangs of robbers threaten the police using hostages, or when they must race against time to escape the loot before being besieged in their own ‘nest’.

Not only action, Money Heist also features a story of friendship, romance, and brotherhood that will make you immersed in the story.

positive response

Money Heist Serial Series

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Looking at the four reasons above, it is only natural that Money Heist has successfully become the subject of conversation in every season. This series has also won a myriad of awards, including International Emmy Awards 2018 for the Best Drama Series category.

Money Heist also received high ratings on IMDB at 8.3 and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Curious? There’s still time to catch up before Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 airs on September 3rd and Volume 2 is set to air on December 3rd,

Watch all the fun, only on Netflix!

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