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A few days ago, the first look of the live action project adaptation of the Cowboy Bebop anime produced by Netflix was released widely. Cowboy Bebop anime itself is one of the legendary anime titles. Together with Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun, and Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop has been recognized by many as the best anime title of all time whose quality has stood the test of time, and has a storyline that still feels significant to this day. To find out more, here we present various information about the Cowboy Bebop anime, to increase your insight before watching the live action version later.

Origin Cowboy Bebop

The story of the Cowboy Bebop anime was born from the thoughts of Hajime Yatate. Originally appeared in manga form in Asuka Fantasy DX magazine with a total of five volumes divided into two stages: Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star in 1997 and Cowboy Bebop: A New Story in 1998. Presenting a complex story and in it includes various elements from philosophy, existentialism, alienation, as well as other life problems, make a story whose art work leads to the era of American music and its culture in the 1940-1970s era, succeeding in attracting young and adult readers. So, it is not surprising that this story was then made into an animated series in 1998.

The 26-episode series produced by Sunrise made Cowboy Bebop’s popularity spread to the international level, especially after achieving success in the international market, especially in America. Uniquely, in Japan itself, the series almost never airs on any television station because of the graphic violence in it, causing several stations that play it to stop broadcasting.

Story premise

With a setting in 2071, where Earth is no longer habitable, and many human colonies migrated to Mars, and the entire solar system can be explored since the existence of a kind of space gate, Cowboy Bebop focuses on the actions, adventures, and tragedies of a group of bounty hunters who live and adventure in a starship named Bebop. They consist of Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward, and a smart dog, Ein.

Cowboy Bebop’s success factors

Like other innovative stories and visionaries, the Cowboy Bebop anime is recognized as making a significant contribution not only to the development and trend of anime in the future, but also to the motion screen in general. Some of them are: the concept of space cowboys, provocative storylines, and many more memorable moments which are then often used in many films and television series, such as in The Matrix to Futurama.

The storyline is significant until now. The series includes acts of mass terrorism, warring populations, and space exploration paralleling issues such as ISIS stemming from the war with Iraq or the constant development of NASA and SpaceX aiming to land humans on Mars in the future. Other timeless inclusions demonstrate the terrifying reach of the internet or even the importance of natural disasters. Aside from the setting that eerily relates to our world and societal climate, Cowboy Bebop’s true lasting lessons come from a deep level of humanity that sticks with you for years after witnessing it.


Because of its extraordinary quality, the Cowboy Bebop anime had won a Seiun Award in 2000. Then, a wide-screen animated film version titled Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was made, which also reaped positive results in Japan and America. This story has also become the target of major Hollywood studios to adapt it to a live action big screen version. Where, rumors about this have often surfaced since 2008, to link an actor in the class of Keanu Reeves as a potential actor to play Spike, before finally all of that disappeared with the presence of the Netflix adaptation.

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