Alluding to Fake Happiness, Rey Mbayang Warns Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora: The Sin is Multiplied by 1000 – 1NEWS

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Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar’s wedding was attended by only the closest people.

It is known that only 30 people were invited to the lavish reception.

Among the few invited guests, several colleagues who were familiar with the two also appeared to be present.

What attracted attention was the presence of Rey Mbayang and Dinda Hauw.

As is known, Dinda Hauw and Rizky Billar did have a close relationship.

However, this was broken when Dinda Hauw received a proposal from Rey Mbayang.

However, the three of them have maintained a good relationship to this day.

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Rey Mshadow who was present also congratulated and conveyed a message for the newlywed couple.

“Anyway, I hope Billar Lesty becomes a sakinah mawaddah warahmah family.”

“Hopefully you can be a role model for many people,” Rey said, quoted from YouTube de Hakim Story, Friday (20/8/2021).

Not only that, Rey Mbayang also gave some advice to Rizky Billar and Lesty, who are often in the public spotlight.

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According to Dinda Hauw’s husband, Billar and Lesty, who are legally married, should share more kindness.

“So just share positive things, so that it will be a blessing in your family to continue to grow, Amen,” said Rey Mshadow.

In addition, Rey Mbayang also warned that Lesty and Rizky Billar would not care if many thought their happiness was fake.

“For example, if people say that their social media is not too fake, they will show it, the bad things are hidden.”

“Not like that, because I think what we have to show is the good stuff, if we give the bad stuff, suddenly a thousand followers who follow, for example, the sin is multiplied by a thousand.”

“If it’s good, it’s multiplied by a thousand more,” added Rey Mshadow giving a warning.

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