Amanda Rawles & Dimas Anggara Film, Notebook Releases 27 August!

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1NEWS – The love story of Amanda Rawles and Dimas Anggara in the Notebook film premiered on August 27, 2021 at Disney+ Hotstar.
This romantic drama genre film was produced by Sukhdev Singh, and directed by Karsono Hadi and Tisa TS as screenwriters.

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This film tells the story of Rintik (Amanda Rawles), a Muslim teacher who voluntarily replaces Mother Teresa to teach at an elementary school in rural Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

Rintik, who had longed for a new atmosphere for a long time, immediately felt at home with the rural atmosphere and the people of Sumba when compared to the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, where Rintik came from.

Arriving in Sumba, Rintik began to prepare himself to teach his new students.
However, some teachers and parents turned out to reject Rintik’s presence because of his religion.

Rintik, who is a Muslim woman, is considered unsuitable for teaching students who are predominantly Catholic.
Despite the many obstacles she has to face, Rintik continues to strive to maintain her position as a good teacher at the school.

One day, Rintik meets Arsa (Dimas Anggara), a young man who is also the nephew of the principal of the school where he teaches.
In each meeting, the two exchanged ideas and points of view on various things that were felt by both Rintik and Arsa.

Rintik also documented the results of his meeting with Arsa and his daily life as a teacher in his notebook.

Over time, Rintik began to realize that Arsa’s presence brought many changes in his life.

Unfortunately, their love journey did not go as expected because one day Rintik decided to return to Jakarta without telling Arsa.

So, will Rintik return to Sumba to unite with Arsa? Check out the full story in the Notebook movie!(Ant)

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