Andre Taulany admits he’s not afraid to die, reveals the reason for the pilgrimage – 1NEWS

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Andre Taulany, Vincent and Desta

Comedian and presenter Andre Taulany discussed about death and the pilgrimage he had performed when he was a guest on the VINDES YouTube channel recently.

The 46-year-old singer also revealed things that moved her heart to perform the pilgrimage. What is the full explanation like? Check out the following reviews.

Andre Taulany about death and hajj

Andre Taulany talked a lot with Vincent Rompies and Deddy Mahendra Desta on their YouTube channel, VINDES recently. Starting from his career journey to the religious life of Andre Taulany. Desta as host asked about the pilgrimage that had been carried out by Rien Wartia Trigina’s husband. Andre said that he performed the pilgrimage in 2011 with his own savings.

“2011 (Hajj), I saved from my own money,” said Andre Taulany.

Desta then asked what made Andre’s heart move to perform Hajj. Responding to the question, Andre Taulany discussed Islamic law.

“What made you move for Hajj?” asked Desta.

“There are five Islamic laws, yes (going for hajj if we can afford it) if we feel we can afford it, we will do it. Many people say ‘oh I’m not ready to go on the hajj’ even though I already have the money,” Andre replied.

Andre Taulany, Vincent and Desta. Source: YouTube VINDES

Andre likens the pilgrimage to marriage. A person will not be ready if he is not intended for the pilgrimage even though he already has sustenance.

“For me, I change the mindset, people are never ready, go ahead, intend, lillahita ala, like getting married,” he said.

Furthermore, Natasha Rizki’s husband discussed death. Desta wonders if Andre Taulany is afraid of death that could pick her up at any time?

“Are you afraid to die, Ji (Andre’s call)?” said Desta.

Andre then admitted that he was not afraid of death. The Ambonese-blooded actor explained that he was ready to be called at any time.

“No, ready (to be called at any time) really ready,” said Andre.

Honor Andre

Previously, Andre Taulany talked about the honorarium he received from the two TV programs he lived, namely Ini Talk Show and Opera Van Java. When asked by Raffi Ahmad about his salary, Andre hinted that he received a fantastic amount of income from the two programs. Andre said, the income from the two programs could produce a house and send him to perform the pilgrimage.

“Bro, this is all my house, I can go for hajj from Ini Talkshow. In OVJ I got. My house is in Pondok Pinang,” said Andre.

Andre Taulany
Andre Taulany. Photo: Instagram @andreastaulany

It didn’t stop there, Raffi Ahmad also touched on the income that Andre got from YouTube. The father of three then gave a response.

“What does Taulany TV give you?” said Raffi Ahmad.

“Just the security post,” concluded Andre Taulany.

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