Azka is willing to die for Deddy Corbuzier, Kalina Oktarani keeps guilt

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Deddy Corbuzier and Azka Corbuzier.  Photo: Instagram @azkacorbuzier

Azka is the proud son of Deddy Corbuzier and Kalina Oktarani. The 15-year-old teenager was willing to do something touching for his parents when disaster struck. Azka’s support was great for Deddy, who was critical when he was infected with Covid-19. He was also present when Kalina had a miscarriage.

Azka Corbuzier’s love for her parents touched the heart.

Willing to covid yourself

When Deddy Corbuzier’s condition was critical due to Covid-19, Azka deliberately made himself infected with the virus. At that time, he accidentally drank from his father’s glass. “Then you say you also want to get Covid, why?,” asked Deddy Corbuzier on his Youtube channel.

Azka admitted that if his father was being treated at the hospital, he was worried because he would not be able to accompany him. “If Azka knows that papa is critical, he can’t go there and if he’s dead, he can’t see anymore. So I just want to see (papa) again, if something happens,” he replied. At that time, Deddy was hit by a cytokine storm which put his life in danger.

Deddy Corbuzier and Azka Corbuzier. Photo: Instagram @azkacorbuzier

Azka is sure that he can withstand the Covid-19 virus because his body is in good shape. What made her sad, she finally admitted that she wasn’t ready to lose her father until she was willing to die together. “We can die together. I’m not ready, I’m not ready without papa,” he continued.

Kalina Oktarani’s Regret

The presence of Azka Corbuzier is also very important for Kalina Oktarani. It was his son and mother who were reported when Vicky Prasetyo’s wife lost her fetus.

Kalina Oktarani and Azka Corbuzier.  Photo: Instagram @kalinaocktaranny
Kalina Oktarani and Azka Corbuzier. Photo: Instagram @kalinaocktaranny

In the Rumpi show uploaded to YouTube TransTV Official, Tuesday, August 24, 2021, Kalina expressed her feelings. He acknowledged Azka as the source of his strength.

Not being able to raise Azka directly, brings its own regrets for Kalina. When he and Deddy divorced, his son was only 7 years old. “I know that I left Azka with the right person, namely her father. But then again, I should take care of it,” said Kalina.

He told me that from birth to the age of 7, Azka was taken care of by himself. “Because Azka was never taken care of by other people. From Azka out of my womb until I separated from his father. That’s my hand to take care of, bathe him, feed him, everything,” he continued. After Azka was taken care of by Deddy Corbuzier, Kalina could only educate him remotely. Kalina taught her son many things, including being humble.

Kalina feels that she has not been able to be a good mother. “Maybe I’m not very good at being a mother. because I feel I’m not a very good mother for Azka. Azka is not 24 hours with me.”

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