Breaking! Arrested in Bali, Muhammad Kece is now taken to the Criminal Investigation Department

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Youtuber Muhammad Kece

Youtuber Muhammad Kece who was reported to have insulted Islam was finally arrested. From the reports received, he was arrested in Bali, on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

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This assurance was conveyed by Kabareskrim Komjen Agus Andriyanto when contacted by reporters. As for M. Kece, he said, he was arrested on a blasphemy case.

Muhammad Kece
The Blasphemer of Religion Muhammad Kece Photo: Ist

“He has been arrested,” said Kabareskrim Komjen Agus Andriyanto.

According to Agus, after being arrested in Bali, Muhammad Kece will now be taken to the Criminal Investigation Department. “Today they will be brought to the Criminal Investigation Department,” said Agus.

Muhammad Kece himself has recently been heavily criticized by various Islamic organizations such as the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), PBNU, and Muhammadiyah.

Youtuber Muhammad Kece
Youtuber Muhammad Kece Photo: Youtube

Muhammad Kece is now in the public news after the videos of his lectures uploaded on the Muhammad Kece YouTube channel are considered an insult to Islam.

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