Chef Arnold Poernomo Prays for Lord Adi Masterchef Indonesia to get well soon, what’s wrong?

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1NEWS – Masterchef Indonesia season 8 enters the Grand Final round. Two contestants, Nadya Puteri and Jesselyn this weekend will fight it out for the title as the best.

The judge of Masterchef Indonesia season 8, Arnold Poernomo or better known as Chef Arnold, called season 8 an epic. Not without reason. He saw the friendship between the contestants, although many had been eliminated from the gallery, remained solid.

They continue to support each other and keep the positive energy alive. He also congratulated Suhaidi Jamaan, also known as Lord Adi, and the two grand finalists, Nadya and Jesselyn.

“Season 8 it has been epic! The friendship you have and the positive support and energy has been (flaming fire emoji) keep it up,” wrote Chef Arnold quoted from his Instagram account.

“Congrats to @adi.mci8 top 3 and the grand finalists. Good luck in the Grand Final @jesselyn.mci8 & @nadya.mci8,” he added.

At the end of the article, Chef Arnold wishes Lord Adi a speedy recovery from illness. He says, many things he and Lord Adi will do together later. Wow, about what, huh?

“Pak @adi.mci8 get well soon my man! We have a lot of things to do together!” said the father of one son.

Prayers for a speedy recovery were also conveyed by Nadya and Jesselyn in the comments column of Lord Adi’s last Instagram post, Tuesday (24/8). It is not known what illness. It can be seen from the comments column, some say that Lord Adi is positive for Covid-19.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Adi,” asked the netizen.

“Covid reportedly,” replied another netizen. Get well soon Lord.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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