David NOAH was questioned by investigators for 6 hours, denied allegations of embezzling Rp1.1 billion

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David Noah photo: Matamata

One of the members of the NOAH band, David, was questioned by Polda Metro Jaya investigators regarding the alleged embezzlement of Rp1.1 billion. The examination process itself took six hours accompanied by his attorney, Hendra.

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“Just a clarification. This is all in accordance with what was said at the press conference yesterday, nothing is different,” said David NOAH at the Polda Metro Jaya as reported by Suara.

After being examined by investigators, David NOAH himself chose not to comment much regarding the case that ensnared him now. According to the lawyer’s statement, there were 31 questions asked by investigators regarding David’s introduction to the reporter and the chronology of events.

There are 31 (questions) more or less. Regarding the press conference, nothing is different. The contents of the questions are about knowing where, what the chronology is, it’s just like that,” said Hendra.

David Noah photo: Matamata

On that occasion, the attorney also denied the allegation that his client embezzled Rp1.1 billion.

“Purely everything is a business, nothing like what has been heard so far. There is no embezzlement. For David personally, there is no embezzlement, let alone no fraud,” said Hendra.

Sitting on embezzlement of money

The case for the arrest of the keyboardist for the NOAH band, namely David Kurnia Albert or David NOAH, is still ongoing. David was named a suspect in a case of embezzlement of 1.1 billion money based on the report of a woman named Lina Yunita.

David NOAH.  Photo: Instagram
David NOAH. Photo: Instagram

Lina admitted that she had reasons to fight for her rights. Lina revealed that she really needed the money for many purposes.

“If you were me, I would be sick, my mother would be sick, all kinds of expenses would be needed, how would it be complicated like this,” said Lina Yunita, quoted on the KH Infotainment YouTube channel, Friday, August 13, 2021.

Lina Yunita recounted that at first she believed in lending Rp 1.1 billion to musician David Noah. Not because of being close friends, but seeing the keyboardist who has a good track record as a musician

“If you say it’s close, I see that this child has the intention to work and has a good track record, I see that the SKBDN guarantee has a contract as well and it’s okay. It can also be bankable,” he said.

He further said that this was the first time he had lent money and had problems.

“If I see people who want to work, if musicians are not bankable, it is not easy to find loans. With good intentions, I both have good intentions, I think it’s a shame the album hasn’t come out yet.”

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