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Risty Tagor

The latest news from former soap opera actor Risty Tagor. Recently he was overwritten by unpleasant rumors about his household. Risty, who has failed to marry twice, is rumored to be divorced from her third husband.

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The issue circulated when Risty refused to discuss the figure of her husband. That’s because after marriage, Risty never discussed about her husband. Yes, the 32-year-old actress is always secretive about her partner.

“Let’s talk about something else,” said Risty when he met in the South Jakarta area recently, reported by Suara, Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

Furthermore, Risty even discussed his activities during the COVID-19 pandemic with his children. On the other hand, despite being hampered by PPKM, Risty also did not lose his enthusiasm to keep doing business.

“His activities are definitely taking care of the children. Working on projects on social media, still managing the boutique,” he explained.

Source: Instagram Risty Tagor

He further said that there are not many outside activities, his focus is now on his business social media.

“Indeed, the conditions are like this, so the focus is on YouTube and Instagram,” he explained.

It is undeniable, Risty, who is great from acting, misses these activities. Actually, some offers already exist, but considering the pandemic the actress was careful.

“I miss you. (offer) Soap operas, movies and more. It’s just that PPKM can’t work, right, so just stay at home, “said this mother of three children.

Risty Tagor
Risty Tagor Photo: Instagram

In order to treat the feeling of homesickness, Risty Tagor finally glanced at the world of singing. Yes, some time ago he just released a song titled Enough Better.

Until now, the slanted news about Risty’s divorce from a lawyer has not been confirmed.

As a reminder, Risty Tagor was first married by Rifky Balweel in October 2010. This marriage was blessed with a son named Arsen Raffa Balweel and then foundered in 2014.

Risty Tagor was then married to mulatto actor Stuart Collin in April 2015. Unfortunately, it’s only been a few months since the couple finally divorced.

In 2018, Risty was known to be married to a lawyer and had children. Reportedly, the figure of Ahmad Rifai is a man who successfully conquered the hearts of this widow of two children.

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