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Kurang Tidur

1NEWS Lack of sleep caused by insomnia, can interfere with your productivity if allowed to continue. The effects felt can vary. Starting from sluggish thinking, difficulty concentrating for a long time, poor memory, unable to make the right decisions, lack of energy, mood swings, to tend to be irritable and stressed.

Therefore, you need to overcome this sleep deprivation condition. Quoted from the page helloHEALTH, here are some ways you can do to overcome this condition.

Improve your bedtime habits

Activities carried out before going to bed more or less affect the quality of sleep. In fact, it may even keep you from sleeping all night. Therefore it is necessary to improve the habit before going to bed. The goal, so you can sleep faster and sleep through the night. So you will not easily wake up in the middle of the night and can come back refreshed when you wake up the next morning.

You can improve your bedtime habits by doing the following:

  • Turn off gadgets or electronic devices approximately 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • Make sure the room temperature is comfortable for you to sleep through the night.
  • Turning off all lights is no exception, but you can use a night light.
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as stretching or meditation before bed.
  • By doing these habits, you can improve sleep patterns and overcome the problem of disturbing sleep deprivation.

Make up for lost sleep

Making changes to your sleep habits isn’t enough to help with sleep deprivation. You also need to make up for lost sleep during sleeplessness. Therefore, whenever you have free time, try to sleep even if only for a moment. For example, on weekends, on vacation, or just taking a nap between work hours can also help you pay off your sleep debt.

keep in mind, when paying sleep debt, avoid sleeping too long. Because, too much sleep does not match the time of sleep can usually change the biological clock. As a result, at night when you should sleep, you don’t even feel sleepy at all.

Prioritize sleep

Lack of sleep can also occur because you are too indifferent to the hours of sleep. That is, when you have entered bedtime and start to feel sleepy, you are still busy doing other activities. One way to overcome sleep deprivation is to start prioritizing rest time at night. You can start by going to bed every day at the same time.

Exercise regularly

A 2015 study in Sleep Medicine Reviews stated that exercise can increase sleep time at night. At least, exercise for 150 minutes every week. This means, you can divide the time of this exercise by 30 minutes every day for five days a week.

Change the bedroom atmosphere

The arrangement of the bedroom can have an influence on the quality of your sleep. Try to change the design in the room to have a calming atmosphere. You also need to pay attention to the mattress and pillows because these two things will greatly affect sleep. The more comfortable you are, the more restful your sleep will be.

Avoid various stimulants

Stimulants, such as alcohol and caffeinated drinks, such as coffee can interfere with sleep. You’re more likely to stay up all night if you take it at bedtime. In fact, this drink can also trigger you to experience insomnia. Therefore, if you continue to consume caffeine drinks at not the right time, you may experience acute insomnia.

Taking drugs

If the condition is classified as severe and can not be overcome only with the methods mentioned above, check your health condition to the doctor.

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