Family Makes Sure Elly Kasim Died Not Because Of Covid-19

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1NEWS, The legendary singer, Elly Kasim, passed away today, Wednesday (25/8). The Den Lapeh Chicken singer breathed his last at MMC Kuningan Hospital, South Jakarta.

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Elly Kasim passed away after battling an inflammatory bowel disease that she suffered during her lifetime. However, it is certain that he did not die of Covid-19.

This was conveyed by Arfi Bambani, the nephew of Elly Kasim. He said, the aunt’s condition had really dropped since yesterday.

“So the family group has been busy since yesterday. Aunt Elly is being treated at the hospital. Since when did she enter, I don’t know, it’s an emergency but not Covid-19,” said Arfi Bambani, Wednesday (25/8).

As for his aunt’s medical history, Arfi confirmed that Elly Kasim was suffering from digestive disorders. So that over time, the disease spreads to other parts of the body.

“There are digestive problems which are said to be chronic. Until finally it causes complications to other organs,” explained Arfi Bambani

For Arfi Bambani, the late Elly Kasim was a person who brought pride not only to his family. But also pride in the area of ​​origin.

The reason is, it is known that Elly Kasim often brought Minang songs during his life. Call it Chicken Den Lapeh, Mudiak Arau, Badindin, to many other songs.

“My mother is cousin with him. We come from Tiku, an area in West Sumatra. (Elly) is the pride of the villagers there. Every time there is a wedding, the song is performed at the village party,” he said.

Previously, news of Elly Kasim’s death was shared by politician Fadlin Zon via uploads on his Twitter today, Wednesday (25/8). Fadli also included some of his togetherness with Elly when he visited his house.

“This memorable photo at the end of November 2019 with my late mother when Aunt Elly stopped by the house several times. Goodbye, Aunt Elly, Al Fatihah,” wrote Fadli Zon in the caption of his upload.

Personally, Fadli admitted that he really idolized the figure of Elly Kasim. In line with that, he hopes that all the deeds of worship of the Ayam Den Lapeh singer during his life can lead him to the best side of Allah SWT.

“Singer Elly Kasim often comes to the Fadli Zon Library. I always ask for autographs for the records. I hope that the deceased will have a noble place in the sight of Allah SWT,” he hoped.

For information, Elly Kasim started his career in 1961 by performing songs from his hometown. Until before closing the age, approximately 100 solo albums which are the work of the legendary.[]


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