Former Minister SBY: Hopefully Muhammad Kece is not crazy, according to the law, the law is severe – 1NEWS

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MS Kaban

Positive responses to the police emerged after Muhammad Kece was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department in Bali. There is hope that in the future Muhammad Kece will not be mad at the age of being investigated by the police in the case of alleged blasphemy, who hopes that this is the former Minister of SBY, you know.

Bareskrim arrested Kece in Bali and immediately flew to Jakarta on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, to undergo an examination. In this case, Muhammad Kece has been named a suspect. He was arrested for disturbing Muslims with his content on Youtube.

Hopefully Muhammad Kece is not crazy

Former Minister of SBY, Malem Sambat Kaban, is grateful that the Criminal Investigation Department has arrested Muhammad Kece. In his response, Kaban mentions that the syar’i punishment is unlucky if it is imposed on Kece.

“Apostasy is your choice after apostasy twists and turns, manipulates, misleads, and blasphemes against Islam, according to sharia, the law is heavy,” write Kaban in his tweet.

The man, who is the chairman of the Presidium of the Indonesian Indigenous Consultative Council, hopes that Kece will be weird when questioned by the police.

“Apostate is cute after being examined I hope the police don’t go crazy. Thanks to the police who still hear the voices of Muslims,” ​​he wrote.

MS Kaban. Instagram photo @adamfawara1

Meanwhile, the young dai, Ustaz Hilmi Firdausi also thanked the police and the ranks of the Criminal Investigation Unit for arresting Kece.

“Thank you sir… I hope the investigation goes well, and M Kace gets the punishment he deserves. This is important so that it becomes a deterrent effect for anyone who tries to insult religion,” Hilmi wrote.

Enough proof

Head of the National Police Headquarters, Ahmad Ramadhan
Head of the National Police Headquarters, Ahmad Ramadhan Photo: Police Headquarters

Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Public Relations Division Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, the hunt for M Kece was carried out after the police first examined a number of witnesses and reporters.

The chronology is that the police first asked for information from the complainant and expert witnesses. After the case, the police then raised the status to the level of investigation.

“Investigators have examined the statements of the complainants, and also examined expert witnesses. Starting from IT experts, linguists, and religious experts, and investigators have found sufficient initial evidence, thus increasing this case,” he said, quoted by, Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

After the status was raised, the Police investigators said, immediately conducted a search for the reported party. “There is already sufficient evidence,” he said.

After the arrest, the police were supposed to carry out an examination and deepening of M Kece.

Muhammad Kece was previously in the public spotlight after his actions were deemed to have insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. His actions were then heavily criticized by various Islamic organizations such as the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), PBNU, and Muhammadiyah.

He was highlighted after the videos of his lectures uploaded on the MuhammadKece YouTube channel were considered as insults

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