Get to Know More about Dono Warkop’s 3 Smart Children; One of them is an Expert in the Nuclear Field

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For almost 20 years, the Indonesian public has been left behind by one of the comedian legends. Wahyu Sardono or more familiarly called Dono breathed his last on December 30, 2001 ago. His departure at that time left a deep wound for everyone. The figure who is known with the comedy group Warkop DKI, until now has a special place in the hearts of the people.

Dono died due to lung cancer. At that time the late left three sons, namely Andika Aria Sena, Damar Sophisticated Wicaksono and Satrio Sarwo Trengginas. At the height of its popularity at that time, their family had to swallow the bitter pill of losing an important figure for good. Several years have passed, netizens are again talking about Dono’s family, because of the intelligence inscribed by his son. The following Hipwee give a review.

Once a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Indonesia, Dono’s three children lowered their father’s intelligence. Like the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!

The family of the late Dono Warkop | Credit: Whenever

Dono does come from an educated family. He himself is a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Indonesia, during his studies he even served as an assistant lecturer in the same department. No wonder their families prioritize education as a provision for the future.

No one can predict destiny, in 1999 Dono’s wife, Titi Kusumawardhani died of breast cancer. Two years later, her husband followed at the age of 50. Dono’s three children became orphans at a relatively young age.

At that time the older brother was 21 years old, Damar was 15 years old and the youngest was 9 years old. They were then cared for by the grandmother with the help of uncles and aunts. Always high-spirited, from a young age his three children were more interested in education than in the entertainment industry. Decades later, they have achieved a number of achievements in the academic world.

After completing his study of Nuclear Engineering at Gadjah Mada University, Dono’s second son received a scholarship up to his doctorate abroad

The figure of Damar, the second son of Dono Warkop | Credit: Liputan6

Accepted at UGM, Damar Sophisticated Wicaksono had to move to Yogyakarta in 2004. Aspiring to become a researcher, in 2010 Damar had the opportunity to continue his master’s degree at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) and Lausanne (EPSL) Switzerland. No kidding, he even graduated cum laude in 2012. In 2013, he continued his doctoral studies for 5 years at the same university. In 2018, Dono’s second child officially holds the academic title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D).

Not only that, he has also contributed several times as a speaker on the world stage. One of them is the International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics (NURETH-16) in Chicago, United States. The younger brother also revealed that Damar had been to Japan to receive an award as the best student.

Damar’s intelligence has been seen since childhood, he often learns more extra than the others. While in high school, Damar even wrote math formulas using chalk in his wardrobe. Even books become objects that stick in his life.

Not only Damar, Dono’s eldest and youngest children are also known to be smart. Both graduated from the University of Indonesia following in their father’s footsteps

Dono Warkop’s son with his partner | Credit:

Dono’s first child, Andika Aria Sena is known to study at the University of Indonesia taking Broadcast. After graduating from the study she was interested in, Aria was directly involved in the Indonesian entertainment industry. This former television employee is often selected for overseas coverage. His cheerful demeanor reminded the public of his late father.

Meanwhile, Dono’s third child, Satrio Sarwo Trengginas, is also a UI graduate. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Dutch on time. The latest news, in 2020, Satrio married the woman of his choice, Rivania Rizal. At that time he asked Indro Warkop directly as a witness to the wedding. Rarely in the spotlight, Dono’s three children are successful in the fields they love, all of their achievements cannot be separated from their efforts and hard work.

Well, that’s a brief biography of the three children of the late Dono who stole the attention, the talents given by God were used to the fullest until they became what they are today. Hopefully it can inspire other young people, yes!


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