Happy that M Kece was arrested, Husin Alwi is now eyeing UAS: Evidence is still lacking

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Muhammad Kece

The chairman of Cyber ​​Indonesia, Husin Alwi, said he was happy with the arrest of YouTuber who insulted Islam, M Kece. He also appreciated the steps taken by the Criminal Investigation Police of the National Police who have worked professionally for the sake of law enforcement justice.

According to him, the M Kece case will certainly be a valuable lesson for the Indonesian people.

“I was sure from the start that M Kece would definitely be arrested,” he said Twitterher, Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

The Blasphemer of Religion Muhammad Kece Photo: Ist

This is reasonable considering that the content he creates is thought to trigger conflicts between religious groups. And it is very risky for diversity in the country if it is not immediately arrested.

“Thank you Bareskrim Polri for working professionally,” he said.

Furthermore, he then alluded to the arrest of M Kece with the actions of a number of other parties who were considered to have often damaged the image of Islam. One of them is Gus Nur alias Sugik Nur who has just been released from prison.

Husin Alwi Shihab.  Photo: Twitter @HusinShihab
Husin Alwi Shihab. Photo: Twitter @HusinShihab

“Sugik Nur is out, if you hate speech again, brush it again. Maheer to death. Yahya Waloni has done it, Kece has been arrested, Paul Zhang continues to be chased even though he fled to seek asylum,” he said.

“Dul Somad (Ust Abdul Somad), our evidence is still not strong enough. All for the sake of all harmony,” he said again.

M It’s cool to be arrested

It is known, Youtuber Muhammad Kece who was reported to have insulted Islam was finally arrested. From the reports received, he was arrested in Bali, on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

This assurance was conveyed by Kabareskrim Komjen Agus Andriyanto when contacted by reporters. As for Muhammad Kece, he said, he was arrested on a blasphemy case. “He has been arrested,” said Kabareskrim Komjen Agus Andriyanto.

According to Agus, after being arrested in Bali, Muhammad Kece will now be taken to the Criminal Investigation Department. “Today they will be brought to the Criminal Investigation Department,” said Agus.

Muhammad Kece himself has recently been heavily criticized by various Islamic organizations such as the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), PBNU, and Muhammadiyah.

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