Here are the 3 Best Hipwee Contributors for July 2021. Wow, Congratulations!

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Writing is never wrong as a means to voice things that are not easy to convey through words. All the chaos of the head, soul and those around it can be poured out by writing. Write down all the tangled things in your head so that they can be unraveled clearly and coherently. So that when we read it again, we can also reflect on ourselves.

In July, there was a lot of writing coming into Hipwee’s “kitchen”. Generally, these writings tell about everyday experiences. For example, the dynamics of school, college, and online work, productivity, motivation, and also self-healing.

For those of you who relate With these experiences, you can read the stories of the 3 best contributors this July! This time Hipwee Community has chosen the 3 lucky people.

Here are the 3 names that were chosen as the best contributors last July. Let’s get to know them!

Aprillia Kojongian, writing is the voice of the soul, the art of following one’s heart

Aprilia is a public health scholar. He has a passion for promoting health to people and this was achieved thanks to his writing on Hipwee. Health promotion is a basic thing in the field of public health. During this pandemic, people need education about Covid-19 to raise awareness of the importance of preventing the transmission of this disease.

Writing is very influential for society and for himself. Writing can provide educational benefits to people so that it can share knowledge with people. The reader can also pass on to others what he has written.

According to Aprilia, writing is the voice of the soul, the art of following one’s heart. Writing can also be therapeutic for yourself to be more relaxed and calmer. Readers also need the latest ideas for them. As we know that reading is a necessity. So writing is very beneficial for readers and writers themselves.

Hipwee is a very broad and impressive medium. I am sure that future generations can see articles on hipwee as articles that have opened the horizons of readers in this generation and become game changers for the next generation.

Until now, many of his articles have been published on Hipwee and they are interesting and inspiring of course. To find out the article, you can click here.

Syafitri’s Eldest Diah. Writing as a self-healing and self-understanding process

Diah started writing on her personal blog at in 2017. Diah writes whatever comes to her head. Unforgettable experiences, places he has visited, impressions and ideas about certain events. So random!

The purpose of writing on the blog at that time was not to become a writer, he said. According to him, the motivation to write is not only because he wants to be a writer. But we do have to write to train our brains and minds to be more organized and not fill our heads crowded because of the various thoughts that need to be deciphered. Write it down so it doesn’t get tangled in your head. So, writing for him is like self-healing. Diah can understand herself better, map feelings, spill ideas, and sometimes even find solutions to the problems she faces. Thankfully, this article leaves a positive impression on the readers.

Writing often takes me to great places on the other side of the world for free. The job I get today is also not far from writing. As a child Branding, one of my main jobs in the office is writing. Write everything that can bring a good and positive image for the company. So, you could say, writing is no longer just a medium of expressing expression like in the beginning blogging before. But also an intermediary to be useful to many people.

Until now, many of his articles have been published on Hipwee and they are interesting and inspiring of course. To find out the article, you can click here.

Siti Nuranisa, Writing can help express anxiety, and encourage the search for ideas

The woman who is familiarly called Nisa is a woman born in Cirebon who is currently studying at a polytechnic in the Depok area. Nisa has many hobbies such as drawing, making visual designs, editing and of course writing. But to be honest, from the many hobbies that he has, he feels that there is no single field where he is really good at doing it, the reason being that he relies on self-taught learning and there is no special platform to channel or hone these hobbies.

Since SMA Nisa chose to pursue her hobby of writing more, it is true that she is looking for passion It’s not easy and it often fails. He made his own blog but not many people read it, only close friends whose numbers are only a matter of fingers. Then Nisa also sent several articles to online media, but of the many articles I sent, only 20% were published, the rest were rejected for several reasons. He admitted that he was still an amateur at that time, so he decided to stop writing.

The way Nisa met Hipwee was starting from a broken heart, she accidentally found one of the articles published by Hipwee which relate with how I felt at that time. From there he finally decided to write on Hipwee and express his concerns through articles. Unexpectedly, many people read it and responded to the articles he wrote.

Hipwee not only revived my passion for writing, but also helped me to move on to yourself. Through writing, I not only express my concerns, but also encourage me to seek more ideas and information to share and benefit others.

Until now, many of his articles have been published on Hipwee and they are interesting and inspiring of course. To find out the article, you can click here.

Let’s Write!

So, want to be like them too? Come on, write and create your article by clicking “Write Article” in the top right corner of the Hipwee page, don’t forget to share it on your social media, so you can inspire more and more Indonesian young people. Because every month Hipwee will choose the best contributors for Hipwee reviews and we will send a surprise to your house.

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