Jamal Mirdad is admitted to the hospital in the midst of the issue of Kenang being cheated on by Tyna, this is the current situation – Viral & Trending

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Uploaded by Nana and Naysilla Mirdad

Jamal Mirdad fell ill amid rumors of Tyna Kanna cheating on his son, Recalls Mirdad. Naysilla Mirdad then reported that her father’s condition was now improving. The two had dinner together after Jamal was discharged from the hospital.

Nana Mirdad also feels grateful that her father’s condition has improved. What is the full explanation like? Check out the following reviews.

Jamal Mirdad Condition

The household of Kenang Mirdad and Tyna Kanna was rocked by the issue of cheating. Tyna is rumored to have an illicit relationship with another man behind Kenang. This issue has been widely discussed in cyberspace.

Kenang’s father, Jamal Mirdad, was rushed to the hospital amid rumors of his son-in-law cheating on him. But now, the condition of the 61-year-old senior actor has improved. This was known from the Instagram Stories of her daughter, Naysilla Mirdad, which showed herself spending time together having dinner with her father.

“Dad asked for the photos to be edited like this, I’m really happy to be home from the hospital today, Dad’s condition has improved a lot. It’s strong enough to stop by to eat out and the most important thing is that papa can laugh again,” said Naysilla Mirdad.

Uploaded by Nana and Naysilla Mirdad. Source: Instagram

Jamal Mirdad’s health condition was also revealed by Nay’s sister, Nana Mirdad. Andrew White’s wife was happy to see her father’s condition had improved.

“Today, watching the video, Papa is feeling better, he is very happy. Since yesterday, I have been thinking about papa being sick,” wrote Nana Mirdad.

According to Nana, she was very worried that her family would fall ill. The reason is, Nana now lives in Bali and is far from family. Nana then confirmed that her father was not exposed to Covid-19.

“At least it’s not good if you live far apart with your family and someone is not healthy, Praise God, Papa has laughed smoothly today. It’s not Covid, I pray that papa is healthy, everyone, “said Nana.

Falling sick in the midst of the issue of his son being cheated on

Previously, the news of Jamal Mirdad falling ill amid the issue of his son cheating on Tyna was conveyed by his younger brother, Ali Mirdad. However, Ali did not mention Jamal’s illness.

“Pak Jamal is sick and has been lying down for 10 days. Mr. Jamal has only been sick for 10 days in the room. Later, when you have recovered, you will be able to meet God willing,” said Ali Mirdad, Jamal Mirdad’s younger brother, according to YouTube Indosiar.

Memories and Jamal Mirdad photo: Instagram
Memories and Jamal Mirdad photo: Instagram

However, Ali explained that Jamal felt pain from his neck to his feet. He hopes that his brother will recover from his illness soon.

“Poor hands, neck, feet, all hurt. I just ask for prayers for a speedy recovery and a speedy recovery from his illness. Let’s all be smooth and healthy.” concluded Ali Mirdad, Jamal Mirdad’s younger brother.

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