Just Finished College and Holds a Bachelor’s Degree, Prilly Latuconsina: Where to Study Next, huh?

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Happy news came from the artist Prilly Latuconsina. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the country’s entertainment industry, this 24-year-old woman managed to achieve other achievements in the field of education. It is known that Prilly has just earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science, S.IKom from the London School of Public Relations (LSPR).

The happiness was shared directly on the artist’s social media. It was seen that he was still wearing a full black suit carrying a pile of research while he was a final year student. This precious moment for Prilly also received a similar response from fellow artists and fans. So how is Prilly’s graduation celebration in the midst of this pandemic? Here’s the review.

Known as an artist who prioritizes education, Prilly shares the story of her struggle to divide her time between study schedule and filming

The star of the film “Danur” tells the story that it was not easy to get to where he is now. Because Prilly must be smart in dividing study time, filming, and… me time so you don’t get stressed. He also admitted that he was touched to be able to finish college on time with satisfactory results.

“Emotional moment! Prilly Mahatei Latuconsina S.IKom. Not an easy journey. Discipline with time and myself to balance work and study. Countless tears, tiring days and time without sleep to give the best,” said Prilly in a statement on Instagram, Tuesday (25/8).

In her message, Prilly thanked everyone who had helped in completing the thesis topic, including lecturers, to people in the film industry who had provided moral support such as Manoj Punjabi, Monty Tiwa, and the production house MD Entertainment. Not to forget, he expressed his gratitude to God and his family who supported him at the lowest point until he became what he is now.

“I want to thank my cheerleaders, family and loved ones. Thank you for supporting and always praying,” he explained.

Even though she has finished her bachelor’s degree, it seems that Prilly already has a plan to continue her education to a higher level

Prilly Latuconsina’s graduation celebration | Credit: Instagram @prillylatuconsina96

Young, talented, and highly educated make Prilly present as an idol in many circles. Apart from being far from oblique gossip, his figure is also known to be humble and always remembers the existence of fans. Clearly, the woman born in 1996 admitted that she highly respects a science, and she follows various additional guidances to support skills in the academic world.

“Since childhood, education is the most important thing for me. So I’ve always had a passion for learning. I even had a dream to become a teacher, lo. So that I can continue to learn and share the knowledge I have with many Indonesian children,” he explained some time ago.

Although her profession is now different from what she dreamed of, Prilly is known to be active in sharing her knowledge through social media. Later he also took the time to impart knowledge in the field of mathematics to his followers on TikTok. “Now I can relax a little bit and be happy. Where do you study next?” wrote Prilly.

The happy news was also flooded with congratulations from relatives and fans. Syifa Hadju, Audy Item, Donna Harun, Rangga Moela and Wulan Gurito were seen enlivening the comments column.

“Awww congrats dear… Let’s relax for a while, let’s relax the brain. The feeling from the beginning has been learning,” wrote his close friend, Ricky Weather.

Congratulations, Prilly Latuconsina on her new achievement, I hope the knowledge gained will be useful for many people. Continue to be an inspiration to young people not to give up easily reaching their dreams. Good luck for the future!


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