Lesti Kejora Goes Worldwide Sideline Go International Lesti Kejora’s face is plastered in New York Time Square, Mrs. Harsiwi Achmad is Proud – 1NEWS

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Lesti Kejora has never stopped making her fans proud of her.

Not only has a good voice and a very good character, this 22-year-old singer also makes his fans proud for successfully running his business.

Lesti herself since 2019 has been trying to expand her capabilities in the business world.

By launching a cosmetic brand named ‘Purnama Beauty‘. Which is currently the best-selling cosmetic brand on all platforms E-Commerce.

Then in 2020 he re-launched a business in the fashion field.

Which is named Lesti Daily (LD).

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The name LD itself was taken, because Lesti wanted to convey her mission to all her fans, that being beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive.

Everyone can look beautiful in simple clothes, as long as they are comfortable.

Lesti wants people out there, especially her fans, to be able to wear the same clothes she wears everyday at an affordable price.

It didn’t take long for the clothing product that he designed himself to successfully attract the interest of consumers.

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All collections issued are selling well.

Starting from September 2020 to last July, LD has issued several products such as hijab, shirts, mukena, pants, cardigans, blouses, T-shirts and several other products that are sold out.

In addition, LD also launched new products in the form of bags and perfumes, which were also sold out.

Even though she has her own fashion business, Lesti continues to collaborate with a well-known fashion brand in Indonesia, namely Sideline.

Where, this product has become one of the best Indonesian brands that have started to Go International.

Suddenly, Lesti’s face, who became the model of the Sideline product, was plastered on the New York Time Square. This also makes Lesti fans proud.

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They consider their idol, always has charm even though his daily life is simple.

Previously, Lesti admitted, starting a business was not an easy thing.

There are risks to be taken.

Especially when he issued cosmetic products.

“That’s why I dared to take the risk because currently there are many good local cosmetic brands that compete a lot. But Alhamdulillah, Purnama Beauty has a good market response,” thankfully.

“Even with LD. I don’t think that all the products I put out are sold out. In fact, many have run out. The bags that I take out a month can be thousands that are sold, ” happy account.

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He hopes that all the businesses he runs will continue to grow and he can create jobs for many people.

“I hope that all my efforts will run smoothly in the future. My workers will increase so that I can be useful to others, “ the lid.

It is known that currently Lesti also has a fashion collaboration business between Lesti and her husband Rizky Billar with Ady Sky.

In the near future, Lesti will soon launch her newest business in the field of

Food & beverage.

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Director of SCM Mrs. Harsiwi Achmad Proud

Wow, there are a lot of Lesti lovers and Leslar lovers who remind me… thank you… ❤️

It’s an honor for me and my big family @indosiar see Dede’s face @lestykejora DA Indosiar sparked artist became a model of local products’sideline‘ which “Go International” emblazoned in Times Square, New York, United States.

Of course, the Lesti lovers are also proud, Dede is very talented and not only that, the work of the nation’s children can penetrate the international market…. ️

BRAVO DEDE @lestykejora ❤️ keep working and make us all proud.

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