M After being arrested, PA 212 warns the police: Don’t wait for a reaction

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Muhammad Kece

Chairman of the 212 Alumni Brotherhood (PA) Slamet Maarif said he was grateful for the arrest of YouTuber who insulted the religion, Muhammad M, Kece. He asked that his legal process be processed fairly.

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PA 212, said Slamet, also promised to continue to oversee M Kece’s case to the court level. “We will continue to oversee the investigation process until the court,” he told reporters, Wednesday, August 24, 2021.

For him, with the arrest of M Kece, there will be a deterrent effect for the blasphemers out there. Because this case has been on the rise lately.

The Blasphemer of Religion Muhammad Kece Photo: Ist

“Don’t be detained and then released until the court later, so that it becomes a deterrent effect for others,” he said.

On that occasion, PA 212 also reminded the police to quickly and swiftly take action against the perpetrators of religious blasphemy, such as the case of M Kece. This does not apply to only one particular religion but to any religion.

“Against any religious blasphemer and anyone, the police must take a firm and fast process, don’t wait for the public’s reaction to continue, if there is sufficient evidence, just arrest them,” he said.

Police illustration.  Photo: Doc Gelora.
Police illustration. Photo: Doc Ist.

It is known that M Kece has recently received criticism from various Islamic organizations such as the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), PBNU, and Muhammadiyah.

Muhammad Kece became widely publicized after the videos of his lectures uploaded on the MuhammadKece YouTube channel were considered an insult to Islam.

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