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Its name is an organization, of course, it often experiences friction with other groups. Yes, although they may have the same goal, but because of one or more things that make them have to dispute. Not infrequently even to take extreme actions to take legal steps.

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As recently happened, where there are two large organizations that are known to have clashed. They are unscrupulous members of the Pancasila Youth Organization (PP) and the Indonesian Lower Society Movement NGO (GMBI). Then what is behind this incident? Here’s the full review.

There was an attack that made a commotion

Some time ago, Monday (23/8) there was a commotion at the GMBI Kebumen NGO Secretariat Office. Investigate a calibaration, this commotion was carried out by several elements of the PP mass organization who went on a rampage and caused a lot of damage.

There was an attack [sumber gambar]

Initially at 10.00 WIB, 50 members of the PP ormas came there with motorbikes and kept shouting. After returning for a while, PP personnel returned there with 100 members and carried out the destruction.

Many losses were received from the incident

The PP organizations who went on a rampage at the GMBI NGO Secretariat Office caused very serious damage. Reporting from the Viva page, there were no casualties. However, there were a total of five cars whose windows were shattered and the body of the car was dented.

Losses due to clash [sumber gambar]

It was known that the members of the PP mass organization were carrying sharp weapons, stones, and iron clubs. Finally, the tools were secured by the police as evidence. Simultaneously with the arrest of several elements of PP mass organizations to be held accountable for the destruction.

Both parties are asked to be conducive

Seeing the heated situation, the police asked both parties to be more conducive. Not only that, the police are also preparing themselves to prevent retaliation from these unscrupulous mass organizations and NGOs. Of the dozens of people who were detained by the authorities, 16 were named suspects and will undergo legal proceedings.

Youth of Pancasila [sumber gambar]

Until now there has been no official clarification from both parties, but every effort will be made so that the situation does not worsen. Reporting from the Merdeka page, even the authorities will carry out large-scale patrols if needed.

The reason for the clash that made a commotion

Reporting from the Merdeka page, the police revealed the reason for this attack. It started with a journalist who got into a fight, and even got into a fistfight with an individual PP or mass organization.

Police Statement [sumber gambar]

Until finally the NGO GMBI offered itself as a bridge as well as legal assistance to the journalist. This is what makes PP organizations feel disapproved to carry out attacks like what has happened. Both parties have reported to each other and later all will be processed legally so as not to cause a more severe commotion.

Who are the Pancasila Youth and the GMBI NGO?

Pemuda Pancasila has existed since 1965 as a paramilitary organization that supported Suharto. Formerly this member consisted of free people who were ready to support the new order government. But now Pemuda Pancasila is an organization that continues to uphold the symbol of the state and help the community.

GMBI NGO [sumber gambar]

Now, GMBI (Indonesian Bottom Society Movement) is an NGO that continues to foster and facilitate its members so that they can be useful for the community. It has existed since 2002 and now has many members, especially on the island of Java.

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What happened was actually the behavior of the organization’s elements. Because they did bad things, don’t let everything be the same for us. Because basically the main objective of the two parties is almost the same, which is to be useful for the homeland and the nation.

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