Man United ready to duel with Chelsea to sign Saul Niguez

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1NEWS – Atletico Madrid’s midfielder, Saul Niguez does not seem to be so bothered by finding a new club. Because there are already two giant clubs from the English Premier League who are willing to stand in line and are ready to ask for her hand.

Chelsea’s Big Ambition

This season the giants of the city of London, Chelsea has brought in some new ammunition. However, a number of existing names have not been able to satisfy them and have stopped buying new players.

Two wins in the early Premier League matches have not been able to make them satisfied with the current squad. There are still rumors circulating that there is still a new name to come. This indicates that the team made by Thomas Tuchel is really serious about winning the Premier League trophy for the 2021/2022 season.

The arrival of Romelu Lukaku some time ago was indeed the right solution for Chelsea to find pieces of the attack line that had been missing. However, with the abundance of funds, the current squad composition is still not sufficient and can still be developed. So that when Saul Niguez entered the selling list, the management of the Blues immediately moved quickly to win the hunt.

Sourced from The Telegraph, Atletico Madrid have been positive about releasing the midfielder. Saul Niguez’s own party is also ready to be lego. The club is reportedly also going to release him at a fairly affordable price. The Spanish La Liga club is rumored to be asking for a dowry far below its transfer clause which originally reached 150 million euros.

Well-known sports journalist from Italy, Fabrizio Romano also revealed that the Blues had made their first offer for Saul. They have sent an offer with a loan scheme accompanied by a purchase option.

Manchester United are also interested

On the other hand, Manchester United who are also ambitious to win the competition this season also need new ammunition. Besides also including Saul Niguez in their wanted list, the Red Devils management is also eyeing Rennes club’s Eduardo Camavinga. However, until now, Manchester United has not issued any news regarding the scheme that will be used to bring in the midfielder.

If Chelsea has issued an offer to borrow the services of Saul, it is certain that Atletico Madrid will put up a rental rate for the midfielder. This is known to have been done by the management of Los Rojiblancos when they loaned Alvaro Morata to Juventus in 2020.

Repeating Morata’s Transfer Scheme?

When viewed technically, Alvaro Morata is currently still a retainer of Atletico Madrid. Last year Juventus brought the midfielder to Turin on loan with a one-season loan duration. In this loan scheme, Juventus has the option to extend Morata’s tenure for one more season. Even the cost of this loan cost as much as 10 million Euros.

In Morata’s loan scheme, Juventus also has additional options. Where the management of the Old Lady was allowed to buy Alvaro Morata for 45 million euros after the first year of the loan period was over. However, if the option of an extension in the second year is chosen, then they must deposit 10 million Euros to Atletico Madrid.

If Alvaro Morata has been on loan for two seasons, then Juventus only has to pay 35 million Euros at the end of his loan contract and the player officially belongs to Juventus.

Currently, Juventus has taken the decision to extend the loan period of Alvaro Morata. They even guarantee the player’s salary until 2023. A concept like this seems to be applied to Saul Niguez.

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