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There are many regrets in this modern era. The number of social media hits makes the nation’s youth only interested in increasing the number followers rather than achievement. Moreover, television does not hesitate to invite viral figures, who are sometimes famous not because of their achievements.

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In the midst of a wave of chasing youths followers, it turns out that there are still future generations who focus on real learning achievements. They are brother and sister, Mischka Aoki and Devon Kei, who recently took the internet by storm because of their achievements. Who are these two kids really?

Two outstanding boys, won 33 medals during 2021

The names of Mischka Aoki (12) and Devon Kei (11) became known since the two boys managed to steal 33 medals. They got all the medals during the mathematics olympiad which they participated in in 2021.

Mischka and Devon [sumber gambar]

For the achievements achieved by the two, even the Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim congratulated him directly through his personal Instagram account. Nadiem is very grateful for the two children who have made Indonesia proud in the 2021 World Mathematics Invitational and the 2021 International Geography Olympiad competitions.

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