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President Commissioner of Pertamina

Bareskrim arrested Muhammad Kece, a suspect in cases of SARA hostility and religious blasphemy. Kece was arrested at his hiding place in Bali. The National Police Headquarters revealed that Muhammad Kece would be charged with the Ahok article. That is the criminal article that was imposed on Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok in 2017.

Muhammad Kece was arrested after the evidence was deemed sufficient. Then the police tracked Muhammad Kece’s location based on the identification of the video content he made. From there, the police tracked Muhammad Kece’s position in Bali.

Muhammad is disappointed about Ahok

Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karo Penmas) of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono, revealed that Kece was arrested based on sufficient evidence.

What’s that? Namely, video evidence posted by the suspect, results of police examination of expert witnesses and reporters and other evidence. Based on the evidence, the one-star general said investigators concluded that Kece was strongly suspected of committing a crime, including intentionally and illegally spreading information that could create feelings of hostility and hatred in society based on SARA.

President Commissioner Basuki Tjahaja Purnama Photo: Antara

So for that matter, the Bareskrim investigator wore Muhammad Kece with related articles.

“(The issue of SARA hostility) is regulated in the ITE Law Article 28 paragraph 2 and in conjunction with Article 45 paragraph 2A of the ITE Law with a 6-year criminal penalty, or other regulations, namely Article 156a of the Criminal Code regarding blasphemy. I think that’s the article that was imposed on the person concerned,” said Rusdi at the National Police Headquarters, Wednesday, August 24, 2021.

Friend Hopers Remember, article 156a of the Criminal Code is Ahok’s article. This article ensnared Ahok several years ago. In 2017 the Public Prosecutor in a trial in South Jakarta accused Ahok of blasphemy against religion because he fulfilled the elements in the article. The prosecutor charged Ahok with alternative charges between Article 156a of the Criminal Code or Article 156 of the Criminal Code.

Enough proof

Muhammad Kece.  Photo: YouTube MuhammadKece
Muhammad Kece. Photo: YouTube MuhammadKece

Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Public Relations Division Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan, the hunt for M Kece was carried out after the police first examined a number of witnesses and reporters.

The chronology is that the police first asked for information from the complainant and expert witnesses. After the case, the police then raised the status to the level of investigation.

“Investigators have examined the statements of the complainants, and also examined expert witnesses. Starting from IT experts, linguists, and religious experts, and investigators have found sufficient initial evidence, thus increasing this case,” he said.

After the status was raised, the Police investigators said, immediately conducted a search for the reported party. “There is already sufficient evidence,” he said.

After the arrest, the police were supposed to carry out an examination and deepening of M Kece.

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