Persecution of her 5-year-old biological child, this is the mother’s confession at the police station

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The little boy with the initials L (5) who was abused by his own mother is still recovering.

Not only was her face battered, but the little girl’s hands were also broken due to the actions of her own birth mother.

Currently, the mother named Yati alias YT has been detained by the police while running away with her boyfriend Yanto alias YN.

“When a traffic ticket was carried out at the Big Roundabout Post, one of the Satlantas members, Brigadier Anton, recognized the two as perpetrators of molestation of a child in Sampit which was going viral on social media,” Head of Turjawali Polresta Palangkaraya Ipda I Made Adnyana in a written statement, Tuesday (25 /8/2021).

The Palangkaraya Police then handed over the two men to the East Kotawaringin Police.

Based on the results of the preliminary examination, the perpetrator had the heart to torture his biological daughter because of the influence of drugs.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the East Kotawaringin Police, AKP Zaldy Kurniawan, said that from the results of the investigation into the perpetrators, both of them admitted to being active users of methamphetamine.

In fact, the victim’s biological mother admitted that she had just used methamphetamine.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend, YN, has not used it for more than a month.

“Without the influence of drugs, it is impossible for anyone to have the heart to torture their own child like that,” said Zaldy


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