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Everyone wants to be successful in the hereafter.

Dream – In addition to prayer, Muslims also often fill their remembrance by reading shalawat. In addition to praise for the Prophet Muhammad, the reading in shalawat also contains some hope from those who read it.

As humans, of course, we have hope to achieve success while living life. A high achievement from the process that has been undertaken.

Success does not always have to be judged in the form of abundant wealth. The success of achieving a classy academic degree, a harmonious home life, or a well-to-do life without being haunted by debt is a form of sustenance that not everyone can achieve.

It is more comforting for a Muslim when he can get success in the hereafter with the benefits of the results that have been owned. Benefit from the knowledge mastered, from the property owned. So that you can share your blessings with others.

All hope of success that can happen because of the process. No matter how difficult, the process must be lived. All these efforts are balanced with remembrance in the form of reading prayers which are very beneficial.

In addition, balance it with lots of both so that the success achieved also gets the pleasure of Allah SWT. Don’t forget to practice this prayer to achieve success in life.

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Prayers for Success

اَللَّهُمَّ لِّ لَى ا لاَةً الُ ا الرَّفِيْقِ انَ الطَّرِيْقِ الْفَرَجَ لِّ النَّبِيِّ الصِّدِّيْقِ لَى لِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ لِّمْ

Allahumma shalli ‘ala sayyidina muhammadin prayer nanalu biha khusnar rafiqi wa amanath thoriqi wal faraja min kulli siddatin wadliqim bikhurmatin nabiyyi wash shiddiqi, wa ‘alaalihi wa shahbihi wa sallim.

It means,

“O Allah, bestow mercy on our lord Prophet Muhammad, with that grace we have good friends, safety on the road and all difficulties and difficulties are removed through the greatness of the Prophet Muhammad and a very honest person (Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq). Also bestow mercy upon the Prophet’s family and companions, and grant them all safety.”

Source: Sharia Talk

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Shalawat readings so that prayers will be answered soon

Dream – In addition to prayer, the people of Muhammad SAW always wet their lips by chanting Shalawat. This beautiful pronunciation contains a prayer for the Prophet Muhammad and one form of a Muslim’s love for the Apostle.

The scholars stated that the benefits of reading shalawat were many. One of them as wasilah or our intermediary in praying to Allah.

One of the many benefits is that shalawat helps so that prayers will be answered immediately. Reading this prayer, God willing, the hope that we pray to Allah will soon be granted.

Practice this shalawat before prayer so that it will be answered immediately.

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Shalawat so that prayer is answered

اَللّهُمَّ لِّ لى ا لاةَ الرِّضا ارْضَ اَصْحَابِه اءَ الرِّضا

Allahumma shalli ‘ala muhammadin namaz ridla wardla ‘an ashkhabihi ridlaar ridla.

It means,

“O Allah, have mercy on our lord the Prophet Muhammad, with the grace of pleasure and be pleased with his companions, truly pleased.”

Source: Sharia Talk.

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Achieving Success in the Hereafter, Practice This Prayer

Dream The success of the hereafter is the hope of every human being. Everyone wants an abundance of goodness even when they are no longer in the world.

The success of the hereafter is when we can freely do good to others. Good deeds are done without coercion and just hoping for the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Success is not only from ourselves. Not only from our hard work.

Success only comes thanks to the pleasure of Allah. So we should be grateful.

In addition, it is also recommended to practice this prayer so that we achieve success in the hereafter.

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Blessings for Success in the Hereafter

اَللّٰهُمَّ لِّ لٰى ا لَاةً لَنَا ا لَ الْإِمْدَادِ ْمُرَارِ ا ارِ لادِ لٰى لِّمْ لِّمْ ارِكْ لْمَعَ

Allahumma shalli ‘ala sayyidinaa muhammadin prayer tahabu lana biha minhu akmalal imdadi wa fawqol muradi fi darid dunya wa daril ma’adi wa ‘alaalihi wa shahbihi wa sallim wa barik biqodri ‘adhomati dzatika ‘adada ma ‘nataalimta’ wa ‘alimta a ma’ alimta.

It means,

“O Allah, bestow mercy on our lord Prophet Muhammad, with that grace You have bestowed on us a more perfect help and (attainment of hope) more than we wanted, both during us in this world and when we are in the hereafter, and bestow mercy on our family. and his companions. And give blessings to the level of the majesty of Your Essence, as much as what You know and as heavy as what You know and fully what You know.”

Source: Sharia Talk

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